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Primary partners as well as competitors. It hasn't dramatically changed that series a and series b at this, point but it definitely changes, no later stage so what are the next big trends of social networking was one and gray lock was there and then it was the sharing economy and gray gray lock was there what is next we focus really on, two main areas consumer investments enterprise investments I tend to focus more on enterprise we also thinking about what I'll call sort of new opportunistic areas of investment so. Obviously a Thomas vehicles is the thing that everyone's talking about and we've done some. Investments their self driving van company? Called neuro Kritzinger is a great example where what we're trying to, do is take the part. Of the delivery of goods and services that oftentimes are different drew done by people And how you can actually make that autonomous so for example if. You want to order groceries don't have to have a person drafter your, house anymore the ideas that this vehicle. Will drive from the grocery store and show up at your house when you have to walk out you open the device but there's no person actually even. In the car so we're? Going after places like that where we, think that, there's a. Really interesting vertical applications of things like. Self driving vehicles so talk to us about big data and you know another. One of your portfolio company's sumo logic compete sort of with with, with Pailin tear which has, been controversial big data company you know what is the what is the opportunity that you see there I mean there's been so much data unleashed but it hasn't been proven that it can actually be useful I, I think you highlight probably the biggest issue around data people just click more and more and more. Data but data without insight it's pretty useless, right.

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