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As joe biden assumes office. This week he'll appeal to a nation facing multiple crises. Mike mohan talk where they wisconsin professor who studies presidential speeches. And who says wednesday's inauguration could be a launching point for promoting a resilient democracy biden has tried to focus on unity in light of contentious election in which president donald trump issued discredited claims. About voter fraud that led to his supporters storming the capital along with polls indicating many republicans still not acknowledging. Biden's win the university wisconsin's alison press says biden could establish some healing by sticking with unity and restoring faith in democracy and not putting attention on himself spokesperson for democracy. She is not definition of what our democracy is. She says that compares with trump's rhetoric one person being the focal point of government beyond the inauguration press says biden's actions in this area could help cement some healing. She adds that he could also win over support by staying honest about the state of the pandemic the economic struggles facing many americans and the need for accountability related to the riots. Meantime cnn reports the dissolving of one of america's most enduring transfer of power rituals the outgoing president welcoming an incoming president on the steps of the north portico. And then righty with them to the us capitol cnn notes. That it is just one of these snubs. Trump's are perpetrating as they leave washington instead of a president first lady. the biden's will be greeted. By the white house chief usher timothy harlow harlow turns out to be a two thousand seventeen trump higher from the trump international hotel in washington and will likely not stay on in the biden administration. The source said noting that a role of chief usher in all probability will be filled by someone more familiar with the incoming president and first lady annual report examining social economic and environmental impacts on the nation's health shows that ever virginian suffering from mental distress increased dramatically between the years. Two thousand fourteen and thousand nineteen. And that's even before the pandemic the states. Twenty seven percent rise compares with just eleven percent nationally according to rondo randall with united healthcare which put out america's health rankings. She says that number measures people who said they felt down or depressed. Fourteen or more days edita. Last thirty she points out that folks likely have become even more troubled since covid nineteen hit last spring. We do know from other reports that race of suicide and rates of drug overdoses in twenty twenty. Were up so that is concerning. I expect to see that. Many measures in this report will be affected by the pandemic particularly these socioeconomic measures. I'm diane bernard this is ns. Legislators advocates and experts are gathering today. Virtually to brainstorm solutions for the myriad threats facing connecticut's environment the twenty first annual environmental summit which coincides with the start of the new legislative session lori brown with the event sponsor the connecticut league of conservation voters says revamping. The state's recycling program is a high priority. We've now gone for being the state that started the bottle. Bill from landmark law to state. His recycling rate is under fifty percent. I'm suzanne potter and kentucky's felony theft threshold has remained unchanged for more than a decade critic. Say contributing to a rise in incarceration the dollar amount of property damage or theft often determines whether or not a person is charged with a felony for decades kentucky's felony theft threshold was three hundred dollars in two thousand nine. Lawmakers bumped it up to five hundred criminal. Justice reform. Such as amanda hall with the aclu of kentucky says the state's felony theft laws haven't kept pace with inflation if you receive a that's charge and the merchandise is five hundred dollars or over. You are charged with a felony conviction and today's economy that would mean a cellphone. Recent legislation sponsored by a group of republican lawmakers would increase the state's felony theft threshold to one thousand dollars haul adds that felony. Convictions can remain on a person's record for a lifetime. Unle- to barriers in housing employment and education people with felonies also are denied the right to vote felony theft or expunge -able but under state law. A person can't apply for an experiment until at least five years after probation and parole. I'm not a overarm. lagaan eric. Tikhonov tells us that many women in washington state or losing healthcare shortly after giving birth a crucial time in a mother's life senate bill fifty sixty eight would extend postpartum medicaid coverage from sixty days to one year the same measure was a victim of the pandemic in two thousand twenty. It passed with nearly unanimous support in the house and senate but was vetoed by governor. Jay inslee because of budget concerns. Sam hats and bieler with the economic opportunity institute says the bill would help address. The maternal health crisis right now about ten thousand women are falling through the cracks. Because of income or immigration restrictions washington state's maternal mortality review panel found thirty percent of all pregnancy related. Maternal deaths occur forty three days to a year after birth. The bill has a public hearing in the senate committee on health and long-term care on wednesday about seven hundred women in the us die each year from pregnancy related conditions. This is mike clifford for public news service. We remember listener supported. Heard on some of the nation's most interesting radio stations and online at public new service dot. Org hit is weather from the heartland newsfeed weather center today. Mostly cloudy skies with a forty percent chance of snow in the afternoon. I meet thirty s to low forties. Tonight mostly cloudy skies with a fifty percent chance of snow accumulation around an inch around twenty five. There will be partly sunny skies. Tuesday becoming mostly cloudy in the afternoon high in the low thirty s. That's the latest weather checkouts more news and weather on our website at and newsfeed dot com bench tonight on a martin luther king monday night from new york. I'm ferrall with my view. All right so like i was saying watching this. Every night is just scintillating. I mean i'm sitting there watching and you know it's different when you see him play once every couple weeks on tnt or you know nba tv for the last. You know whatever amount of years in houston all the years that he played down there you just. I'm in new york man. I i only see him on those national games. You know or. If i'm watching. And i wanna watch iraqi game. I would tune in. I get to league pass and all that i can watch games but but i never really did and i just never really cared about him or the rockets. I never thought that they would come out of the west. No matter what all the years that they kept trying to come out of the west they always fell short. I got bored with it fair enough but watching this guy on saturday and on this game tonight i mean it is just unbelievable watching them. Just go to work. I mean this guy just goes to work and not only that he gets everybody involved here. I mean he makes durant way better. Dran had forty two saturday. Ninety s thirty. Tonight i mean. And he's averaging thirty bills the only guy averaging more than durant right now. Duran looks fantastic..

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