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They lost I just feel you like going to get hit by a car. The amount of pain I would experience wouldn't be over quickly and it would last a long time and ended up being machine entire family would decide all around me whether or not to let me the humane hooked up w appropriate Renna go basically any other way or spend the rest of my life with hiccups and also I got the stew on the stove nine seven minutes and I'm sitting here right Aggie. Ah It is it really only seven minutes long. Oh it well who did that. One those goes from Matt. Donald's Donald Mold Matt Don. I don't know where any of those it's from episode of your show. Did we kid oh. That's why you were not in 'cause I don't Watch Valley Allie folk and I was in the hospital for a month with my wife so I wasn't there for that. This user says if this is not the opening music for episode eighty eighty four of the valley cast. I will be shocked who cares if it's four times as long as normal. It's art dammit yeah. If if you could T- tweet at me I would love to collaborate on yeah. those car crashes yeah welcome to the valley cast. What an interesting episode to special guests. We have special the guests. Dj and Sam only stupid answers. It's US yeah what's up my kids. Were you know we just got back from fantastic did just get back just stepped doc the plane right into this room. We need to talk about our AIRBNB adventure do every year there is something new airbnb venture and we've consumer airbnb adventures in Austin together for fantastic fest but this one was quite interesting. Yeah it really kind of kept us up every single literally every single single now airbnb adventures aired after Chippendales Rescue Rangers School in the ninety s and it was about bees a lot longer than you think what eight season well there. was that season where they completely switched the language wasn't English anymore and that was pretty interesting that was a mandate it was considered ended a bold move but now looking back in hindsight a creative one that paid off in the end agreed agreed so guys welcome. This is your first first time well Sam. You've been on the valley cast before. Dj this is your first one. Yeah yeah welcome We'll have to get you on without this goofball. Sometimes we could get away I just did you just crap your pants Yep. You're doing all right man. That's taking a frog outside our AIRBNB that made the same journey I watched you do like the seven stages of regret while letting it out. I had to be careful. That's why it wasn't they come out as yourself segment quick back story if you're new to our existence and you weren't here in our previous lives we worked with Sam and DJ at source bed way back in the day. We're couple of old folks couple all of historical we got some history on our belts worked on some cool off our bill right with teaching too many keys many keys one of those ones you can stretch out sneaking up on anybody absolutely not but yes so salmon. Dj You guys have a podcast. MHM has three years. We've been doing only stupid answers yeah. It's a one stop shop for war KNICKKNACKS PATTY WAX movies. TV show comic book the Game News that kind of stuff and you got down way to go. That's good. We've been practicing yeah. We we've been doing that. We do movie reviews on Youtube. You can find might be awesome and a bunch of other stuff. We usually just talk about the the nerdy shit nothing important. I love you guys recorded some stuff while you were in Austin. Yeah we did reviews for all the movies able to see good and bad good and also also very special episode gun control Did you know that was fun. I would love up to at some point podcast. I don't want to deep dive into some of your thoughts on the movies but just get like some quick quips about some of the stuff that you saw we should at at least tell people what fantastic fest is for those of you that have not heard of this. It's a film festival. It's on its fifteenth year birth. Happy Birthday fifteen was a very important year for me. I don't know about you guys. The year I start growing hair downstairs and your mom told you to get that science experiment out of the kitchen and she said take it to the second floor which is why it back upstairs but yes sorry yeah yeah so fantastic fest film festival that would that happens at the Alamo Draft House in Austin Texas and and every year it's kind of a showcase of genre films like Sci Fi horror and drama animation and documentary and short form long form all sorts of cool shit and it's just a place where we have gone many times salmon. I've gone five times consecutively because we went for source way back in the day and then we just got addicted to it and we love it so much and we've seen such films as like the witch and arrival of all rose Halloween that was What's that movie the Strangler Strang I did. I thank thank thank thank thank thank you just used it to US awesome to New York and we stayed at Arizona Arizona. That's what it was going to. Arizona and I forced everyone everyone to watch it. I've never seen her. Elliott was like he was offended. Elliott left the room multiple times. I think you're the only one that stuck it out. Yeah it was fun. Bowman was there so of course Bowman Bowman. Seal of nothing is crazy fricken masterpiece of weird yeah and then like they do secret movies. He's like one year. The secret movie was spirit. Last year was the spirit of the new one and then before that it was was it overlord or was over overlord bigger. Just there the year before I never went to one and I know what it was. I was there it was was Shashank Redemption repertory screaming. They get to watch stolen. Okay there. You go installing but this year so this year we all went again when young and we had a nice little group of people and we saw Joe. Joe Rabbit was TYCO A TD's. Jealousy Jealous got to meet him. Oh Super Jealous he stuck around fantastic fast but in various states of me be should I have to assume he'd just off like an international national flight forty eight hours and he went straight there with a couple of drinks and he's he took shoes and jacket barefoot during the Cunanan was like the microphone was really making sense. Stephen Merchant was going like yeah right man it was like really strange and then he was there like the entire rest of the day just like walking around the draft house unlike smoking with people and out of clothing yeah exactly anyway but we saw Gioja rabbit ammon various other movies and then the secret screening this year was undone. DOLEMITE is my name. Dolemite Murphy a Netflix movie it's like a what do you call those Let's take on the exploitation yeah a biopic to for Rudy Ray Moore historian when it started up. It was like I get all. Here's the thing we were the whole time. You're at fantastic fest. You're trying to I guess with the secret. Screening is going to be and they do two of them up. Two of them's. They're fantastic. Fest is usually two weeks long at the draft house and we usually go for the first week as two weeks of movies leases insane. You usually see upwards to five movies a day. It's crazy and you could see more. That's exhausting really. Is You know we were a lot the times we're like. I'm so fucking exhausted and someone was like Oh yeah you tired from watching movies all day. You're sitting in a fucking dark room home in a comfortable seat where they're bringing you food the whole time alcohol and alcohol and you're and you're out of draft house of so it's like tons of delicious boone you're being in that like people sometimes underestimate why being engaged is tiring in the moment and paying attention and giving yourself in. You're all to one like a stimuli the movie or even a teacher in school like sitting there for eight hours a day. There's a reason you get tired until exhausted at at the end of the day and also we're trying to analyze it and try to come up with an opinion based thing. We're collection of work. We attended as press. Dj Salmon Myself and the the other people who were with us too and we had an obligation as press too because I was creating content. was there and you guys were creating content while you were there and we have an obligation to be able to you know Consi- in a concise way explain if the movie was good or bad and what we thought about it and all of that and you gotta be fucking completely you gotta take it all in and after watching like four four movies in one day. It's like holy. Shit that I even see that movie. What why don't even remember what I saw what your favorites because they're the ones that stick with you at total. Let me say this about Dolemite is my name is I as a and then as it went on. I was very pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it quite a bit especially. Somebody WHO's trying to make their own stuff. It touched touched me well the thing the other thing too is like like what I was going to say before was is like the whole time you're trying to guess what the Secrets Secrets Green is going to be an everyone's saying rumors and some people uh-huh no but some people are like it sounds like a rumor and the first you know when you start to talk to people like what he has think the secret screening is like the word on the street was is that it was gonna be Doctor Sleep which is the the shining sequel which everyone's very excited about and then the next word on the street was maybe it's. DOLEMITE on Netflix and the next word on the street is maybe it's the what's the second one that came out the light the lighthouse the lighthouse and then someone decided to spread the rumor that it could be cats. US awesome on that one really took off. They made they made pin. Taylor Swift's cat characters has asked me about the secret screen and I I mean it's two and a half months out. There's no way the effects are close to being what they wanted to be. A Fun troll could be though you don't know the programmer came him out and he was like if you ask me about cats and going to scream I bet you ca- cats marketing team. They're like this. Let's get the conversation going. Let's go with it. Truly was like stoked. I was like fucking cats. That's the perfect fucking movie to show at fantastic fest like some battle cat tests Hassett tastic but so many people were like if it's cats. I'm fucking getting the fuck. Outta here like people were pissed off about the idea of it being cats but it wasn't Godsey was Dolan said he liked it basically any. I didn't see it because I was like I need to wake up at four. Am to be able to take get my six. AM flight so I had to go back to the AIRBNB but everyone who saw it said that it's really good and it's like Eddie Murphy being really funny again and and everyone was great and yeah if you guys have ever we tried to. I mean like you guys make you do that. You do that you do that. Maybe you guys do that. You Watch this this is it's just really inspiring seeing somebody who at a time where there was no room for him to ever make something like this put his all into it and be successful in his own right and that's cool test. It's a cool not too fantastic made his own path situation your I think your initial reaction is just based on the last like what twenty years of Eddie Murphy get why like here we go again no huge opinions on it and there's been some like star turning moments from him within all this stuff but it was a lot of like family mediocre. Koker films like cut and paste with Eddie Murphy for Awhile and people have been disappointed except for dreamgirls worry stepped out so I get the reaction then like I remember seeing the trailer and going this could be another. One of the good things going to be a turn and it's the same feeling I have right now for the uncut gems with Adam Sam yeah. Have you seen good time. No Sir Robert Pattinson is from the same director highly recommend. I gotta say one is that with the it's a bank robbery. It's it's amazing and that wasn't sure Amazon prime it was on Netflix for a little bit yeah streaming on Amazon prime but it's the same directors and it's just.

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