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You would ever. That's pretty sweet, man. How much of the lyrics actually made his ad living lyrics all of this all of it. But it just they just send us. All of this beautiful and people don't forget you are in that band for three years. That's one of your long you no longer bandstands, right? Yeah. He's actually longer than three years. Let me guess two thousand five six seven Hof with three years nearly four years. It is it best some alive. I read your auto biography. You know, you talk with great joy about your time in modest mouse. It's so yeah, I that's why I wanted to ask a little bit about Isaac. Ross knows. It was the best time. I'm alive know, I'm gonna go time. Now, lots lots good puts. Modest mouse time took some beat in because it was just so dumb crave. I personally really connected with the a whole generation of American music funds who'd been -fluenced by. Things that would not from my background got the skate scene in the punk scene and the and the the the scene and. Dern very fertile kind of an inspirational time for me on stage enough. Johnny marr guest here in studio talking about his time in modest mouse. I want to ask you one last question before we get going because it's about the song that you are playing for us today to close at your set legendary Smith song, how soon is now there are a lot of people who do not know the riff is incredible. But the work that went into the riff in a pre sample world is out of control is it is it true that you literally ran tape around a room with two amplifiers specific positions to create the sound. Something grew gold Burgan. Similar to that was actually a little bit more women. What we did was. No, we run a straight. It's our part from the regular type machine to inch Saint machine out to four Fender twin river bz, the tremolo sound you hear the Jews? You just sound. Is that, sir? You can get that pretty sounded pretty good light boat did lease to from offended twin river, but we did it with full. So as. As as full times is good basic. Four times as much work to know. You know, he was really tricky as you said it was pre- samplers. And and it was also three in the moon in took a lot patients in love an affirm out hush and persistence from a self jump. That's how how we came up with that technique and then. You know, you don't know five years late people are still going to want to hear it. You know, Sommese we got shows in the studio math. There's no doubt about it. And how do you do it live now a little bit easier? This time around the at least at least, but we don't use any someplace or any loops or trick. Rely is just I just learned over the years to alone over the years to be a play. It was tough in the Smiths days. Baggy top line. Now, let's to it really is the way it goes. It's so we're gonna hear a pretty tremendous live version to close at this world cafe really good band as well. You know? So the bunkum played really can you introduce the band, please show. Yeah. Will own on second guitar is my co producer James dove EAC and on Troms is from Manchester's junk Mitchell, who's my of Trump ever and an on the bass guitar and backing vocals is you and grown that just that just the best and the audience really love him. And I'm I'm I feel super fortunate. We've been a band now for like eight years. So you know, we really we're we're we've got our own swing. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Well, let's take a listen to it absolutely thrilled to play it. How soon is now live in-studio? It's Johnny marr on world. Cafe. Security. Somen? Security..

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