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Yarmuth fuckers wanna do to us. When i was on fire we remember like fuck them blue states on fire honestly if we all have just volunteer like two days a week during fire season to go put out fires california could just move out this bitch. We we give so much money to federal taxes. Like why don't we just float off and be our own country. I'll do my two days largest economy in the whole entire worrell two days a week. Fire season the put out some fires. I won't actually work though l. No i'll be lining my joint on that shit. But i'll be out there. Like matrix is beautiful. But like ma'am. We need to point the hose at the fire. Then how do i stay. Cool i'd write. I have it on me. My god nature so gorgeous guys like put out the fire. He mentioned bad. That instagram shot would be of you in front of the fire. Such a bad ass talk about lighting talk about atmosphere. The smoke my bathing suit. My hose inspire is the best lighting. I've put on a fire hat just like making even cuter like vibes. Talk okay. this is why we should have seen. That brings us to the end of this epic over any Before we go we did get some information on this lambert character and unfortunately he is a trump supporter he actually did have involvement in a student organization that was supporting trump. He just decided to lie and say that he was a lawyer and scam forty six thousand dollars from people. So i'm disappointed in you. Don now matt you honestly. I think if you hadn't been a trump supporter you probably would need more money to sand lake. If you've been scamming this from a better place in your heart because when you scam and hassle come from the altruistic part of your heart. Listen you're scamming degenerates. It has to like. Yeah and look i get it like nobody wants to be called a degenerate for voting for donald one And honestly i'd say if you voted for trump the first time around and you're like oh a republican okay. He's kind of fucked up but you know a lot of republicans are mcgrath's let's be honest. Let's rock with that. But after four years of his raggedy bitch a whole pandemic and he's a. Ucla voted for him. Not only in but you were like. Let's vote in higher percentages. Okay wait women before. I go from fifty three percent of fifty five. How dare you what happened. We went on amazon. And you did. This and the karen wigs were sold out. I think the cairns assembled they said you're gonna call us cairns old then we're gonna show you what a karen relate a simple like fucking power rangers. But they were like it's more time. And they all put on this spiky wigs with the banks swoop to the right and they voted against some of their self interests. Guys please time to your family members you can't if you're a liberal and you enjoy this show especially because you know i'm a black t. Black woman You have to talk to your family. Please don't spend any more time posturing on twitter talking to your black friends about how bad the world as we know. But if you're really an ally guys get out there and spread the gospel to your cousins. Your aunties or problematic fucking work. Don't let uncle. Chris tell that weird racist joke he tells. Everything's giving that you all politely laugh at like guys we have to. We have to do the work. The work is just beginning. Yes we have won this battle but this is a fucking war and the war is for the conscience of this nation and we have never gotten it right. Don't think the black people aren't doing this work to you. Think i don't have cousins who believe ti. If you drink boiling hot water. The virus will get burnt out of your throat and you won't get corona virus. I absolutely do have to talk to those people. I have tap alcohols and who think that bill will stop you from getting your period. I guess what. I got facebook and i'm like hey uncle so and so. That's not true i not. I told you to invest in bitcoin and also that you sanitizer throat for corona virus. But he lied. I have to do that so so do you. We are all doing the work. It's hard right and you gotta come from a non pretend just plays. You've gotta come from a like yay. I also love louis farrakhan anyway honestly. He's focused bug minus all his other. Bullshit wild should that he's like. Oh yeah dot to mars. Less sermon lit anyways. Let's talk you're severely misguided but our guys we're gonna get outta here congregation. Wait do you think you want to guess. I do think for giving me this opportunity feeling trash. I'm so sorry i'm actually. I guess this wouldn't have anything to cloud now right now. The corona reiver's. Oh that's right okay. Come pine me on instagram. At priscilla davies actor peoria e. s. actor. Just remind this four times and on twitter. you can find me at q. Ot desert as in queen of the desert. I don't know why you made such a drastically different wondering when we're time he desert because guys really to hear it twice times desert guys as always email scam got his pod cinch on your friends and family just make sure your scam is retired because we wanna fuck up your bag scam got his pot on all platforms twitter instagram. Find.

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