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W. W. well first time David this date does but get ready for another warm and humid day today with a sixty percent chance of showers and storms hurricane center's most concerned about rain I'm Dave Cowens I'm Chris Miller experts say a Mississippi River flood forecast likely sounds scarier than really is this the storm in the Gulf of Mexico have people concerned we've been through this before I'm Jim hands so to New Orleans athletes take home espys the W. W. well news time seven o'clock eighty two degrees right now and partly cloudy in New Orleans on your official weather station W. W. well Hey I am FM and dot com we're still waiting for that system to develop in the Gulf of Mexico but bands of rain to work its way through the area today so be aware that some of you may do awesome down for some time to time the full forecast coming from your local weather rex W. W. wells Dave nas bomb in just minutes main time what is happening in the Gulf where expended abotobble depression for over there in the next couple of hours across part of the northern Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast line so expect to become a tropical storm by tonight hurricane sometime late on Friday and early Saturday morning with a land fall Saturday somewhere from south central Louisiana with heavy rain expected to be the biggest issue for us as we go into the upcoming weekend nothing much new in the latest advisory although the winds have picked up thirty to thirty five miles an hour and the system is still sitting about a hundred twenty miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi River federal forecasters say that while the system in the golf still has not developed into a depression storm or hurricane they still expected will W. W. well state Colin tells us they're also urging everyone to prepare regardless of what this difficult forecast says forecasters at the national hurricane center have used words like tricky or challenging when talking about the forecasting for this system the hurricane center director can Graham says don't focus on the track or the intensity that's expected regardless regardless of that track this area of moisture the slogan moisture still gonna move into portions of Mississippi actually even if the taxes the definitely Louisiana and portions Alabama so we're going to focus on is predicting widespread rainfall totals of ten to fifteen inches with some places getting up to twenty inches Plaquemines parish has has ordered a mandatory evacuation for the entire east bank of Plaquemines and the west bank for mobile down to Venice homeland security director Patrick Harvey explains the concern working with us at all state partners we received information that there is a possible over top bring up the river the river levee he says fears that the storm surge could keep the river from draining into the Gulf sending water all over the levees has moved them moving and everyone out of possible harm's way there is a voluntary evacuation going on a grand dial today our river height in New Orleans of twenty feet with the levees at the same height flood protection officials say it sounds a lot scarier than it really is with the storm surge from the Gulf from what is expected to be tropical storm or hurricane bury the Mississippi River already at a high level will have no where to drain backing up the water is it head south but were confident in the levee system for the entire region whether it's the hurricane system or the river system southeast Louisiana flood protection east chief administrative officer Derek bays tells WWL TV where they're forecasting that twenty foot height levies are higher than twenty feet there could be overtopping at the industrial canal locks but bass says that would just mean.

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