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You understand that me or tony i wanted i had i imagined tony with give me this note a little stronger so she's definitely has has voice in the song she writes i think a lot of people would agree that diane warren is the greatest songwriter i'm partial tours i think she's great what makes her baby face to though well what makes diane and then baby makes diane the greatest songwriter in the modern era because she just comes up with these melodies and i think the lyrics alone sell the songs but then the melodies is what kills it i mean who comes up with the lyric on break my heart and usually say you broke my heart but she's asking the person to embrace it as genius to me and then the way the melody comes together is under like is vulnerability just how you that melody goes together that way ten baby face has been one of your collaborators from the beginning big part of all the songs baby faces rhythm he will eric clapton baby coup madonna to go i mean he has a slew of so many artists he's worked with you'd be surprised i mean without a doubt one of the greatest songwriters and producers and singers of the modern era everything so what is he taught you about singing and music that has helped you he told me i was just my first instinct 'cause it's usually the right one purchase think yeah always listen to it but he he always he often tells me that overproduce myself i'm so critical of myself like i can't go back and listen to the songs must have mastered it i will not listen to it anymore even on a radio alternate if toni braxton comes on the radio going to turn it because you're sick of it.

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