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The last time the yankees and red sox so late in the season when both owned the two best marks in baseball new york took the opener rather easily eight to one on friday while the red sox returned that favor big time on saturdays wellstruck the track the opposite way it's a grand slam rafael devers popped a left wallet it is nothing boston yeah rafael devers took care of the offense chris sale took care of things on the bump here's the pitch swing it a little bouncer to the right side muna's charges a picks it up throws the first and chris sale dubbed for the finishes by setting down the final sixteen roll jon shabby the calls here on espn radio yes sale was sailing along diverse five for five that i didn't granny eleven to nothing the red sox take back the best record in the big sale allowed only giancarlo stanton single over seven frame struck out eleven has a buck seventy three era career against the yankees best among pitchers with at least ten starts against them since nineteen twenty the flip side of that the yankee stadium sellout crowd gave it to sonny gray after he gave up six runs over two and a third draw to owen four with a nine thirty five against boston since being acquired by the yankees last season the world cup is over for cristiano ronaldo and lionel messi highlights on the other end as well as tigers third round of the quicken loans is closer izzy closer to the top the answer ahead when sportscenter allnight rolls back nothing in the world can take was in a position of power and he abused his.

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