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RNC. Mark Garrison w be thine ear with record breaking demand for absentee ballots. This election you're Trump also said Americans know how to keep themselves safe from the Corona virus, and Khun Go to the polls in November, eliminating the need to mail in their ballots. I said again without evidence that absentee balloting will create fraud, adding that the only way he can lose in November is from a rigged election. Until he won. Trump also warned that the 2016 election was going to be rigged. LGBT special programming for the RNC begins at eight o'clock every night this week, beginning God tonight. In Raleigh, helping human services today reported 1283 new cases of covert 19 slight drop from Sunday and four additional deaths a week after the state saw its highest one day death toll of 48. 2535 people have died in North Carolina since late March out of nearly 180,000 now across the U. S from the pandemic, though experts say that number is probably low. North Carolina health officials say some covert trends are moving in the right direction of late, thanks largely to people wearing masks in public and following other established safety procedures, But they say those gains are fragile. If people stop acting responsibly. American airline Charlotte's primary passenger air carrier says it will be using a new cleaner that kills grown a virus on surfaces for up to seven days. Reuters says the EPA will allow American to use it on flights originating in Texas Delta Airlines has doubled its number of cabin cleaners and has revamped pit stops for deeper cleaning of planes. A flight attendant and gate agent will inspect the plane before it's cleared to board. Delta is also purchasing test kits that measure the amount of bacteria on airplane and airport surfaces, though the kids don't test for covert 19 Jenny Casella Fox New New stock. 11 10 99. Www bt Check traffic Now with Boomer von Candy. Hey, thank you. Michel have delays underway near Concord. I 85 South bound. It's the left lane block. Just past exit. 58 Concorde, Kannapolis, Seeing some of the onlooker delay with this, so just merged in the right lane. I think you need an alternate for this but just merged in the far right lane on 85 south, Approaching exit 58, an instant southeast Charlotte on Sardis Road near Rainbow Road. At Livingston. Dr. Rumer von Kenan W B T traffic.

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