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Course is a great car traffic evidence it's not like these these allegations from the 1970s here's a picture and and and the timing is unfortunate obviously for the democrats i mean let's be let's be blunt uh you know they're trying to steal at senate seat in alabama three years ago jeff sessions got reelected they didn't even feel the candidate and now because of these allegations against judge roy moore looks like they're gonna they're gonna make off with that set at sea which is very import centres very kgb divided and so now when they're they've been demanding that you know growing more withdraw you know if he doesn't withdrawal you can't volkov and so forth all of a sudden one of their own senators has uh has this allegation brought against him by lee and tweeting obviously highly credible and recent you know we're not talking about the 1970s and so i think there are a spot i mean are they going to demand that their own senator stepped down now have especially election at some point in minnesota to uh to fill the remainder of his term i don't know i don't know uh let's get your thoughts on that eight five five forty laura is the number to call we got time for one more call let's go to add in nevada online to add you're on the air i got a couple of little interesting ones you tell me one first i am not 72nd male or female okay anyone male or female making the accusation should be able to be held both legally financially and criminally responsible for their fate if they're logged that's number one number two mitch mcconnell said that that more wouldn't be fitting you've gotta be kidding me educate kennedy robert byrd the kkk all these people said his senate and the head kennedy ted ted kennedy can be a senator anyone can be as center we got a rough against the hard break we are going to be back with more after these messages one i bet you don't spend much time.

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