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As lobo like yours larry this law the law the law the stuff everywhere but then that was as right day begin groups of boy ag a lot of good stuff the keep army aldous hunger but it's uh have been up twenty years in a giver milder though hunting is dohrn dohrn football season so maybe you're trying to tell muslim haller mike backed the football when your team reconvenes tomorrow what are you talk about it while we the correct them at a soda game zig we we we need to go back and watch that moon and he'll plotter preparation so uh as detroit to saint position of wherein now this is a a game of pride i went gulpur and now let's get focus on improving as a team do we need to do when the gay my some of your young guys got more playing time than usual against the vikings and did anybody in ned group chronic khetsarai oh yeah they saw hill a wore the more defensive guys i'd underwood said you know uh whitehead pickens of updates willet of things the offense of felber liquor bar to young lyman you know as patrick can and mcrae uh those those as gaza play good football on voyager exceptional djalminha run game and hillman past protective her while too so i that those for guys coming jump dj cry play one of his better games his green bay packer how good point now i thought he played very well he lots of he'll defensively week we did a good job particular keeping appoints don now to six tang a real rose thirteen us going on the football there after the fourth on conversion that when they can get done late in the game so but yet jake groundless was all over the place mike you made it a real point to say after the game after the viking scheme that bread on li harming was an all brought hunley the offense of struggles and so does something you really wandel hit home with wasnik definitely i mean i it everybody um you'll you want to make judgements and so forth eat went at.

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