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Many of the arguments that other people could give you I think the most important thing. Which is what we see today is we've got to be able to have these discussions and listen to other people's opinions. Not that you don't listen to everything he said, I just really started. Well. But we have to go on. And we have to learn how to discuss these things in some sort of rational way. Let's see. Joel she reprimanded or on the air. She Moctar and she said she wasn't rational. So afterwards backstage, Elizabeth blew up. Going to sit there and get recommended on the air. Recommended. I know. Come into my office. You know, I'm not hearing. Back. Take the meeting. Out there. Okay. What you're saying? I know I know. Do the show like this. She just reprimand exactly what she was doing. New york. Joy blowhard trying to calm down. Then the producer Bill Getty talking with Barbara wa wa convinces house will back to return to the on air said. Come back on she has to build. She asked to this is why we shouldn't have done. That's ridiculous. These discussions. And quitting. Need to be reprimanded on this woman? I will take it in the meeting. I will not take on air. I'm leaving. Come back to me like a child to her. Come with me to talk down to me. We have to learn how to discuss this. Crazy. Back cards chucked, thirty seconds..

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