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Back off unless they have warrants and then he moved to make their job ab harder here's colorado public radio's and sherry mayor hancock is in a sort of cat and mouse game with immigration and customs enforcement at denver courthouse where thousands of people visit every day dealing with civil and criminal matters the mayor says he wants to help people avoid the place so that they're not targets of ice agents who are running around our actions are met to do a weekend protect the individuals were working hard every day have their families here trying to raise their families their children's or in our school um and they are being productive members of our community this summer hancock and the city council took a number of steps that reduce jail sentences so that immigrants convicted of petty crime ns don't get flagged for deportation they let people pleat traffic offenses online said they could avoid the courthouse altogether and they allowed emigrants without legal status to wait in a private shelter across the street until it's time for them to appear in court that way they can avoid spending too much time and courthouse hallways in view of federal agents hans meyer is a denver immigration lawyer this doesn't stop is from doing its job it just says you can't collude coopt were manipulating our local government nine women in the last couple of months have declined to press charges and domestic violence cases for fear of alerting federal immigration agents that they're here this is a big problem according to city officials who worry immigrants will no longer trust local government and police federal agents have been a consistent presence at denver courthouse since the trump administration began its crackdown on illegal immigration officials say they aren't going anywhere they pointed out that courthouses are safer places for them to make arrests because visitors are screened for weapons they told hancock they're looking for people with criminal histories and not victims of crime but that wasn't fernandez story just looking for an excuse to come and taking fernando is a 23yearold immigrant here illegally he asked npr not to use his last name because he fears anti immigrant backlash last winter fernando got his car stuck in a snowstorm after he'd been drinking beers he was cited for a misdemeanor traffic offence and colorado he paid fines and.

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