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Yeah that super interesting. It's it's kind of Not dissimilar from what's happened to coal communities you know you have a community that is based on you know in in the case of the coast it's based on tourism or it's based on fishing and a lot of that way of life is going to have to go away if we keep having these storm so thank you for talking about that and while we're at it let's sort of recognized that around the world there's more climate refugees than any other form of refugees and the number of refugees in the world. Now is the largest. it's been since world war two. I think sixty million folks. So we're witnessing it all over the world stephen and in most places worse than in the us as tragic as it is here well. We feel the urgency here. We appreciate you coming on the show. Peter to talk through what transition looks like from your vantage point and your book is called power after carbon building. Clean resilient rid highly recommended for our listeners. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Well thanks for having me. It's been a real pleasure. Dr peter fox is the founder of the boston university institute for sustainable energy and he's a partner and chief strategy officer at energy impact partners. Catherine hamilton is the chair of thirty eight north solutions. And she's my regular co hosts catherine always a pleasure. Absolutely this was wonderful. We'll catch you all soon. We are a production of postscript media. Wood mackenzie you can hit us up on social media if you wanna comment on the show and we will catch you next week. Thanks for being here. I'm stephen lacey..

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