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Hundred. Wwl W this sportstalk Arnelle carriers stock presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. I'm Lance McAlister tomorrow night. Is that premiere of the movie chance at Amelia. Starlight drive in. It's a locally produced and film movie about and teenage relationships and the effects of teen suicide. It's based on the true story of chance Smith who played for Flash Baseball in Brown county. The film was to open in thirty nine theaters in April. But the pandemic forced a change in plans showtime tomorrow night. Saturday and Sunday is eight. Forty five our next guest stars as the Youth Baseball Coach in the film. He's played roles in full metal jacket. Stranger things Weeds Birdie any given Sunday. I'm a huge fan of his nineteen eighty-five five movie vision quest and his role as High School Wrestler. Louden swain. It is an honor to welcome in Matthew Modine Matthew Lance McAlister. Welcome Thank you so much for having me on a pleasure to be here. How did you become involved in a project like this? Well my daily who runs that flash baseball his wife is really good taste and she suggested that he hire me. Moving and I read the script and and it was just so terrific. I love baseball and and so really. That's all they had to say in. The first couple of pages was that that it was about baseball and I was. I was pretty much in Could check give me an opportunity to put put on Baseball uniform and go and spend some great quality time with with young athletes Who who always teach me about like it is a Boy It's a. It's a powerful story powerful message. Isn't it it really is and it just say it's based on a true story about a young chance. They grew up there and and And I I don't know how. How put it in words? You know that you and I grew up in a in a time of texting. And it's one thing for you to say that somebody or you're an idiot and I'm GonNa Kick Your Butt after school or something but with with texting when you when you put it in writing and send it to somebody's phone. It has a different impact than than Than if if you say you know what I mean. You've actually put it in writing and you've sent it to your personal device your phone and and it it. It carries a greater weight than than the word used to when we were in school. So you change change. Suicide is a real problem and we all have to do what we can to try to provide opportunity and and resources for young people who find them so we don't have somebody that can speak to them and help them through a dark period matthew. How much time did you spend here? Shooting the film I feel like I was. I was there for a couple of but I think it was. It was probably the only about six weeks of you. Know a little bit of pre-production you know getting there and getting to know the kid and and kind of you know what I call get in baseball shape Getting to know Mike Daily and and his family and his son wrote the screenplay and His wife is in the film does wonderful job in the film and You know it I. I like to get there early and and kind of soak it up a little bit. You know to for those who haven't seen the trailer. You play the role of chances coach. You alluded to baseball. Are you a big baseball guy? I am I'm New York Yankees Fan which probably make a lot of your local. They're upset but Yeah Yankees Fan and and I I grew up in. Utah have a professional baseball teams. So I had to pick a team and I I picked the Yankees when I lived in Utah and we moved to San Diego when I was in junior high school and I kind of became a padres fan they had some good ballplayers then and But Yeah I'm I'm a Yankees Fan. I Love Baseball. I did another baseball movie. That's really good about punish wagner played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and It was called. The winning season was television film. And that one. I actually got to play baseball. I went out and and went. Cal ripken is a friend and I asked him if I could go. Play With his Farm team for the Orioles called the iron verge and that was that was a tremendous experience. You know I was telling you off air. I had a chance last night in the show to talk with Jay Kertzman. A sophomore. More at Sycamore High School plays on the baseball team. He plays twelve year old in the movie. Now he told me. Tell me you can confirm this. He said you helped him with acting in. He helped you with baseball. True certainly did their special skills their clash Baseba- and You know to get to get the players to stop thinking and and to react in a in a way that It's a longer conversation than we have time for now. But it's a great program and he's come up in that flash baseball system and so There was some skills that I was unfamiliar with that that He and and all the other kids taught me to be to be a little better baseball player. I I have to admit that I in one thousand nine hundred five. I was nineteen years. Old and vision. Quest is one of my favorite movies and what I saw your name on the on the poster. For for this I said Man. I wonder if we could hook up with him on sports talk. Could you take me back to that experience? What was doing vision? Quests like for you well I was. I was pretty young. I was living in New York City. I moved to New York to study acting and I was helped. I grew up in a surfer. You know as I say Imperial Beach California and when I got to New York all I wanted was for people to think that was a New Yorker. Because you're not be on the subway and people say where you that say. I'm from here so you have. Where are you from and I just is is the director Harold. Becker question that he said I hired you because you still had. Hey in your hair and and I was really skinny and he said I think you're a good actor. But could you do ten pushups? I might be able to do eleven and and They sent me to spokane Washington about six weeks early. And we trained trained trained the way tim wrestling and conditioning running running Kids in the movie were pretty much all of them state championship. And what I learned about that that that experience was In anybody who's ever been a grappler knows that what what you wrestling against yourself. You know. You're always. You're always discovering how far you're willing to push yourself and the extremes that you're willing to go in order to accelerate at this Dairy difficult sport. I just enjoyed that Michael. Jordan documentary The last dance and You know Michael. Jordan is extreme example of one of those people that that Just pushed himself to to Unbelievable Athletic Prowess I mean it is. I don't know if you've seen it but it Documentary really is Matthew. Modine checking in for just a couple of more minutes tonight on sportstalk tomorrow. Night is the premiere of the movie. Chance AT AMELIA. Starlight drive in film was set to open in April. The pandemic changed the plans on that sort putting it on the big screen in the starlight drive in Friday Saturday Sunday. Eight Forty Five A. Matthew. You've mentioned so many amazing names in these few minutes. I gotta ask you take me back if you could to any given Sunday. What was it like working with Al Pacino Allen? I used to play softball together so I knew him speak. He's really good shortstop. I mean what you think it looking at it but he moved. He moved really fast and had a great arm. Headed Great. Throw to first base could take grounders. You know he he What what great hitter. But it was a great sex shortstop and You know the whole movie for Jim Brown eye everywhere you look. There was some legend. The first one I got the most I had the most fun with was probably large Taylor New York giants and and learning about how the game changed because because of his athletic abilities as a the middle linebacker. Right and and He said you know Matthew. I never went looking for trouble but it always found me and I mean just Schaechter and larger than life but when a gentleman he was an al Pacino is great and Jamie Fox and a little cool J. and Jim Brown is just I mean another athletic legends. Jim Brown and of course as a little boy you don't. My father was a drive in theater manager. I really. That's that's why we were moving around all the time. I started in Loma Linda California then imperial beach and then we moved to Utah where we had about eight drive. Ins and So that's that's my childhood this star like drive in screening. I lived that that's my childhood. And and the first time I saw Jim Brown Within the dirty dozen where? He was just just amazing. I really know him as a football legend. I knew him as a as a movie starring the dirty while one one final note just for reds fans listening. And and since you're a Yankee fan this will fit when we think of the Yankees here. We think of nineteen seventy six when the red swept the eighty. So I'll talk that eight. I can't tell you how much of a treat this was. And what an honor it was to talk with you congrats on this project. Best of luck with it and and I really appreciate your check it in tonight. I'll thank you for having me on the show mass. Thank you you gotta take care and everybody who's GonNa movie have a good time? Buy some popcorn absolutely. Thank you matthew by all right take care there. You Go Matthew Modine tomorrow night. The premiere of the movie chance Amelia starlight drive in Friday Saturday Sunday. Eight forty five. It's a really. The trailer is really amazing. Six forty sportstalk. Seven hundred wwl W.

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