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Ville is the only show that's that stars Dr Pepper. It puts a spotlight on fans and pertinent captured. The emotional roller coaster. That is the college football season could say man is good fantastic. And his anybody else thirsty and literally the best things has diet Dr Pepper and Dr Pepper cherry. It's fans. Ville Dr Pepper delivers a force performance alongside legendary college football co-stars, Brian the BAAs BAAs worth Eddie, George in a mad Hatter himself, less mild experience, a pain the passion and he deliciousness of college football fan. This fall on fans Ville presented by Dr Pepper pullover. Veer right. Saint left do whatever you gotta do to get to your local Dollar General and pick up some ice cold refreshing and Dr Pepper the official drink of fans. But while you're at it don't be afraid to go for two Harvey when you hear him in that conversation. I had with him earlier today. Talking about the pressure that every player feels on army navy, and you're talking about dude, three tours and ghanistan right here. I don't care about metals and this and that that's about honor and duty out. He doesn't care about that stuff. But when he. You said about the pressure. And then that last comment about man, comparing being an NFL tunnel or college football tunnel for army navy with going into, you know, the battlefield at night with night vision goggles, knee ended description, right? The senses of feeling the heat of the home v and then going over the mountains. And now now you see your target. That's the only adrenalin rush that beats being in the tunnel for army navy or an NFL tunnel before a game. Dude, is chills man. It's unbelievable. You you get to go this game. I I'm so envious. It's I've never been described man. Yeah. First of all. Yeah. It's it's great to hear him talk about those things and how much that time that he's able to spend at West Point how much it mattered to him. And what an impact it made on on him and the brotherhood that he's a part of. And yeah, we get caught up in the NFL and the pressure that these guys are on especially it'd city like Pittsburgh where they're expected to win every game. And you know. You know? That's that's probably as he said nothing like what he's used to. And and even this weekend. You know, navy has not had a good year. I mean to think that navy is three and nine is unheard of. And to come into play. Army army looking for their third straight win. I mean for these guys this is a big deal. I think before that navy at one fourteen in a row, and Jeff monk and was hired as you know. He's an assistant at navy. They brought him over and said, hey, whatever they're doing with coach Ken over there. Maybe bring that over here to West Point. We really appreciate it. And boy the first time the first game he had a chance it came so close to knocking off navy and now they've won a couple in a row and trying to make it three in a row. So it's it's the weekend that I look forward to every year. It's one of my most favorite games that I love to sit down always tell you. We do game day in the morning, and we take a train from Philadelphia up to time square where it's drops us off right in New York City, and I'm sprinting to get up into my room. And I don't want anybody. Near my room. I don't want him watch the game with anybody. I turn the close the curtains. I turn the lights off air conditioning down to share in the dark a love it. And I tune everything out, and I sit there, and I watch it. They'll every snap. And I love it. I just I look forward to it every single year. I don't care what the records are care that it doesn't impact conference championship or a playoff. I just I'm a throwback myself. I love watching how they play. And if you if you have time on Saturday encourage you to please just watch the game and watch how these guys approached their jobs as far as being a linebacker a corner or running back and watch how hard they play and watch how they're not disrespectful. They're not stand it over top of each other taunting each other..

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