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This'll is SportsCenter. I'm Jim Brass. Well, good one on ESPN or right now, the Jazz a team that beat the Clippers Wednesday, outscore them 68 45 in the second half l A didn't have why Leonard and Paul George and that one They got their two stores back on this night and lead it in the 3rd 61 to 56, Utah came in sporting the league's best record of 24 5. How about a night of big time achievements on the hard core from the MBA? Doyle indeed. One of 50 point scores. He had 50 points and 17 rebounds. That's a career high sixes best. The Bulls won 12 to 1 Old five and their coach, Doc Rivers, will now coach the Eastern Conference All Stars. He's not the only one that hit 50 tomorrow. Murray did it. 21 of 25 from the floor, eight of 10 from beyond the arc first player in league history to score 50 without the result. Of a free throw Nuggets best. The Cavs won 20 to 1 of three that also coupled with this beefy triple double Orlando a chance to take the lead for Native tradition. Foul line jumper. Got it Magic Back on top 1 13 1 12 great job coming out and executing fighting back. Cola. Vucevic, 30 points. 16 rebounds. 10 assists FM 96 9 the game magic Best The Warriors 1 24 to 1 20 Suns outscored the pelicans in the fourth. Already wanted 12 investing New Orleans 1 32 to 1 14. They gave up 40 in the four to the Nets on Tuesday to give back 24 Point lead. Buck's snapping five games slide. Yonas 29 points. 19 rebounds, eight assists 98 85 over The thunder. We're back on Monday and the quarterback carousel continues. They have C is loaded and we'll tell you why the coach or not that far behind the team that just played in the Super Bowl, he shot J will in juvie six Eastern ESPN radio. Just come with me. Take a look at you. You're busy. So shoot just along the approximate time. Freddie Coleman always appreciate you joining us a pretty epic Simmons on ESPN radio. The ESPN happen suit actually channel 80% of a progressive insurance and and you and I are not. We're big on social media, but not big, big on social media. So when people clap back at us, we can kind of let it go..

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