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South west valley chamber of commerce and information about joining and the key benefits again, texoma chamber to four one, one ninety two three. How did you get into being the CEO of a chamber? Like, like it's got to be at the hiccups Java up right? I mean but I mean, there's got to be a passion to really wanting. To help businesses to take a little bit through your journey. Well, I'm very grateful for my members because believe it or not. They do think me frequently of course, like any other job. They also Quinn never thanks, me, so well late over there, Quin sorry, but yeah, well, one thing that's unique about my chamber of commerce members do business with each other. But they look after each other like family. Now I came here prior to my position as president with the chamber. I worked for an economic development agency with the county in a city and county prior to that it was business consulting. I have worked number of different with a number of different companies throughout my years and did a lot of consulting as well. We want to send you some information to the south west valley chamber of commerce. All you gotta do is text or chamber to four one one ninety two three again. Texture chamber to four one one ninety two three. I think one of the misconceptions that people have of the chamber is. Is, is they there under the assumption, not even sure where the assumption comes from, but they're under the assumption that it's the chambers responsibility to drive business to them, almost like the chamber of commerce is, is their lead source so take us through the distinction of, of during the chamber to increase your business. But more of the networking, the relationships that you build and the other types of resources at your local chambers going to provide you never can, obviously is, is a big piece of it building connections between the members and what the chamber can do as far as opening doors might chamber of commerce is a little unique. We are a tourist and visitor center. So we actually do provide leads to our members from people visiting people ru relocating to the area. So that's a another unique thing about the supplus value, Jim roof commerce. I might I spent, you know, I do a lot of work. I spent a lot of my time and the real. Estate industry, and I, I get a lot of questions. I get a lot of questions for my investors. How's the market and what's going on with the market, and are we in a bubble and pretty much what I tell them, what makes Phoenix unique is, is stopped listening to CNN and Fox News because Phoenix is an island all by itself when it comes down to real estate but focus on the jobs. And when you subscribe to, you know, publications like the Phoenix business journal, that's always talking about what companies are coming here. What companies to come in here? It tells you, it's an key indicator of the health of our real estate market to me, what's going on in the west valley, who's coming to town who's been coming to town, and why should businesses consider the west valley to, to open up shop. Okay. This as mouthful right there, a lonely, take me an hour to get through entire list of, of what's got a PowerPoint presentation deck. And I have been telling people that in my area in the. And the western half at a county, we're at the we're at the bottom of the upper slope, as far as the economy is going off, for of my cities, have something big happening bowl corporation, just opened in Goodyear. Tell us and has another hotel be an open. There's five new hotels within the next two years coming into my four. Slip park has about ready to start developing over there. City center there. Entertainment center city of Avondale has a twenty seven hundred rooftop.

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