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Traffic and weather together with our own John Morrissey, you said it's already rough out there. It is a really really bad drivers. Let's start downtown. A really really bad drive on southbound I twenty five already heavy from I seventy it's a crash tow trucks on scene. What car was sitting sideways across a couple of left lanes of southbound I twenty five if you approach Alameda, and this is a bad spot too. Because it's not only back southbound I twenty five up back to I seventy drive out of Lakewood, which is never glitter and rainbows. It's always a tough drive. You're already backed up back before federal because that ramp onto southbound I twenty five is jammed up the right lanes, and it's backing up eastbound sixth avenue, still a big mess down town approaching Alameda with couple of left lanes blocked in the right lane is blocked westbound to seventy Vasquez that's done. Accident. That's emergency roadwork. Did a big pothole that developed overnight and they didn't want to leave at three your morning rush flat tires. So they've got up there. The cruiser out there have been out there all night long. The right lane is blocked on westbound seventy Vasquez and that closure that right lane closure has got westbound to seventy crawling from ice seventy that's way early for that stretch. So for that stretch on Tuesday. I would stay on ice this morning. Take that over to I twenty five and go north for your drive through downtown on southbound I twenty five well, hopefully, it will get out of here soon. They show truck does have the car up on the on the hood. And so this will clear there is some fluid. They've got to deal with as well. But hopefully, this will clear out pretty quick. But the couple of right lanes a couple of left lanes blocked ear and that to seventy drive it is a mess this morning as you try to start off and get to work. This report is sponsored by Geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Great news is a quick way. You could save buddy. Switch to Geico. Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price. Takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more cards shirt. Go to Geico dot com today. See how much you could save next update. Six thirty KOA.

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