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Muddy answers man jordan goodman maggie thank you for taking my call sure is not an american won't do this alert it's at m employers don't want to pay legal or liberal to lead you while they're going to have to start learning to in one way they're going to have to learn is to start putting these people in prison and immediate ios i do not mean three years at hard hit us i mean serious prison time they treat the fi regarding hiring illegals in this country as the cost of doing business those fides are supposed to alter their behaviour well it's not altering their behavior let's see how thai behind the prison altogether behavior it's time we simply told us that we weren't kidding about this you will hire people legally we turn will adopted a policy on immigration which says that while we determine who gets in we'll make sure that in fact enough people get in to do what needs to be done i shall and what happened after hurricane katrina message should motherinlaw told me over the phone at the american cleanup crews who were getting kicked hours an hour they were fired a shooter latino cleanup crews arrived for five dollars an hour and the american workers would just don't after them you know workers were brought in for a place with less money of course you don't you worse they can't complain about again we that's another example of the fact that we have got to grow up and adopt an immigration policy which enforces the law i mean that's not asking too much jordan well that's right we're going to need everybody for the the massive cleanup we we need huge mass of people going down there and so that people should not be discriminated this is hard work i mean just a cleanup alone they're not even the reconstruction you've seen like these streets in houston the just everybody thrown everything out it's just massive ramallah's stuff to be taken away we need all the help we can get here all right more to come stay with us one eight six six five oh jimbo one eight six six 505 four six two six of those long laws raw the subject let's turn to mandy in arlington virginia right next door to maggie yellow mandy hi thank you so much for taking my call sure i wanted to.

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