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Yankees had like eighteen and nineteen left going so as to many games there's there's plenty of time for them to just get back to normalcy and win some games 'ladite abide mcmanaman's coming up at the top of the hour here i didn't want to say one day now before i finish this hour is very important why is brian kelly such a d what is his problem did you see him after the game lighting up that check in the press conference after don't give me all your irish be as either because i am as irish tom question now wasn't they have was at normal question and about an hour to ask it he was paired get to the point now now now now his behavior is what this is she he is about don't even that that had nothing to do with her the girl was just like asking a question and she called him out this is just like last year same thing same luck same result you lows and boy did he snap honor who knows who she was i don't know the details of who the reporter some girl some woman i don't know who it was some undoing trying to do their job asking a question he got very upset about it and um he litter up and he was rude and he was nasty and surly and short and he was off and running after that he was done for the night after that he stormed out asia quite worrying about training people like crap and worry about he's gonna get fired soon that days gummen because not only is he losing again but now now is another name like ira guy said today there they have a different standard at notre dame devil they are they like godly and like they go to church and they are they supposed to be holier than now and they have their own standards high.

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