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I'll give you what I'll give you. I'll give you my whole body. Okay. Need to get to my okay. Live with the cold her. We're going to do that. Just throw the gun out the window. I can't do that. We're not going to body. We're gonna let you go up there. Just throw it out the window, please. You're scaring everybody. O J. You there? This is for me. That I'm not to keep you guys away from me. I know that nobody's gonna hurt you from me. Okay? It's for you. I know that. But do it for you for me for me. I don't know that. I know that. But do it for the kids to will you think of your kids know? Please just toss it. I just scaring everybody, man. I'm not going to hurt anybody. I know you're not going to hurt anybody but me. They know. You know, I'm just going to go with me. Please. You're scaring everybody, though. Excuse me. Just tell them I'm also sorry. You can tell him later on today. In the morning. I was sorry. And I'm sorry that I did this to the police department. And I think you should tell him yourself And I don't want to have to tell you kids that, uh, your kids need you. I've already said goodbye to my kids. Listen, No, We're not going to say goodbye to your kids. You're gonna you're gonna see him again. You want to see him again? Tom Lange, Detective for LAPD. Talking to O. J. Simpson Water rolling down the road isn't that wild? So it's almost like he he thought the end was coming. And you know the outcome of the story. There you go. And you know what I say to that Terry Baba booey. Later. Gators talk to you tomorrow if he bronco verse ary this baby, you know. Finding great candidates to.

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