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I'm Holly Anderson Jason. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown forecast your adventures of college football podcast says in the script onto riff on what that means and And basically what I mean. Is this all already spoiled. Every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling. Too unfashionable pants worn middle school. We also do talk about college. Football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early. And unfashionable. Pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken. Subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. or in your favorite podcast APP and we're back on the Phallic Alcoholic podcast. This is David Walker here. Of course with my co-host Gina Thomas and we're joined by the one and only Brian bevere sluice from the keep sounding. PODCAST US and cat scratch reader. Talk about the Falcons. Going on the roads take on the Panthers Division game an important division game. This weekend We we spoke in the first. Half about the falcons trying to help out the panthers by beating the saints and the panthers unfortunately dropping one on the road to the packers Clearly if the panthers are GonNa make up ground in the division in catch up to the saints that this is a game that is critical for their playoff hopes. They're five and four dropping. A five of five is gonNA make it a little bit harder to catch up with you. Know a a seven and two saints team but if they can you know keep winning in hope that you know they've got some matchups with the saints coming up They can possibly flip the division if you know they can play these games relatively well so important matchup. Obviously for the for the Falcons. They're playing essentially for Dan Quinn's career at this point. We did a lot of polling gina this week about On twitter and at the site about what it would take for Falcons fans fans to be okay with Dan Quinn. Staying head coach in the twenty twenty and I was a little bit surprised. I thought that most fans would be like no. We're done but it seems like the majority fans think that if he can win out or win seven of the next eight Games which I still think is tall task that they would be okay with him. Staying saying is head coach so some interesting results. In obviously beating the saints will buy you a lot of grace with with this franchise but let's let's start from that angle. I e how important you think. This game is for the Falcons of Dan Quinn Before we go the Brian to talk about the importance to the panthers. I I think that In particular I think that he bought himself some goodwill last week. no matter what not just beating the saints but going into their house you know doing something that the Falcons have have struggled to do consistently like the Mike Smith in particular. It's been better under Quinn but I mean and especially in a year where they had one win going into it and the saints head end. Verse schedule Earn an inverse record. You know seven and one compared to one seven I I think he bought himself some good well without win especially the fact that he was willing to take a step back from The defensive play calling you know in I some things in change some things up to To make the team better and so. I don't think that this game is a make or break game for him but I do think that he is still. I'm trying to build a case to remain the Falcons head coach at the end and so from that perspective. I think that every minute of every game counts. Yes I think that every mistake is magnified I think every losses magnified and I think that you know we're watching the season slip away very quickly and so from in that perspective. I think that this game is undeniably important to us future. Yep so for reference the poll that was mentioning. We ran the quick one on twitter. quitter thirty seven percent of Fan said that he's gotTa go no matter what thirty six percent said if he finished his nine and seven keep him in. Fourteen percent said eight nate. Keep him in another fourteen percent. Said as long as six ten or better you wish you keep him so interesting wresting results there in you know I think if they're gonNA finish nine and seven. They have to win. Obviously the Sunday so Brian. How important and this game for the panthers with an eye towards the playoffs It's obviously hugely important It's visual game. Even if the Falcons skains might not really have realistic shot at the playoffs. It's still a big game. The panthers need to rebound they've even without Cam. They've always been very very momentum. Based I've said that many times on this podcast and ultimately they have to come back to the way they win football football games which is Christian. McCaffrey the football play. Good defense sacked. The quarterback like this is a game for them to restore their competence. It's also a game. Where Kyle Alan can rebound a little bit Pretty much every game going forward is important because this is the toughest part of the panthers schedule. Because they have the Falcons twice which regardless eldest of their schedule. The Falcons always at least get one win over the panthers are how good they are And they have Seattle they have hundred remember who else they got. They have that up real quick great journalism. You've got Washington and Indianapolis Yeah Washington. Obviously you. I think that's a winnable game. They lost that one last year. and Indianapolis is a tough team. Very well put together. So it's they need to put together a string of wins in order to really get a push for the playoffs because even if they if they don't win the division there's a chance that even if they have say a ten win record that they don't make the playoffs because because the NFC is so stacking right now so really. I think this is the game. Where IF CAROLINA IS GONNA rebound from whatever? The Hell is going on with them right now that they need to go back to their style of football. And Kyle Alan needs to rebound and I I liked Kyle Allen but I don't think think he's GonNa be like your Nick foles type guy. He's a high level backup. I don't think he'll lead them to the Super Bowl but once you get in the playoffs it's all fair game at that point. So that's the objective right now. Yeah new season starts over all right. So let's talk about some of the specific matchups. The one I think is pretty interesting. Here is the panthers defense because I I was reading about them. And you alluded to this. In the first half of PODCASTS. They are a little a bit of a `Nigma they are one of the best pass rushing teams as a matter of fact. I'm a think they lead the league in sacks they are one of the best pass the defense is in the league and they are. I think the one of the bottom three run defenses in the League when he started which is not yeah. Yeah it's it's really weird like you don't normally see that in so they're ranking puts them as like a middle of the road defense And it it's not like they're fourteenth against the pass and sixteen th against the run. It's like they're really good against the pass and really bad against the run. which is not a normal alignment? We see for defensive units. Obviously on the Falcons side of the ball the offense up until Oh this past weekend could not run the ball to save their life and now. We've Austin Hooper probably will not be playing because of a knee injury. devante Freeman is out either. Either Smith is out for the season and it just seems like this is it is the weirdest match Gotcha. I think we're GONNA see Sunday so Brian. I'll start with you here. I what is the story with the panthers. Defense is all of that true. You think some of his exaggerated you know. Are they missing guys like Cohen Short. Thomas Davis is that a factor here is it the change in the style of defense. What do you think is contributing to the sort of a `nigma? Ah That's going on and Carolina right now. I've noticed that. So they they. They allegedly switch to a three four. But it's more of a multiple defense. They run for three three or four depending on the game situation but ultimately they have lighter bodies out there who are guys. We're going to rush the passer who are a lot more athletic but in gap disciplined that becomes a problem when you have a team that is really the vote. It's running the football Brian Burns has been really good for Carolina. Bruce Irvin has been really good for Carolina. I know you guys know who know who he is yet. Gerald McCoy turned out to be a very good signing for them. But this team is basically built to rush the passer. And that's not great when you play against a team that can run the the ball in a game situation they can run the football I think they're missing K.. Want short a lot because he would have been another big body to put in the middle where now now. It's done Terry Po who has been average of defending the run. He's too and Gerald McCoy who has never really been a big run defender as their remained. Defensive Tackles in the defensive ends are a combination of Irvine Burns of Mario Addison. FAO bottle. These are all is is who are basically meant to rush the passer. Yes so I liked the fact that they devoted more of it to the late they they. They corrected the the fact that they couldn't rush the passer last year very effectively. But they're sacrificing the run game. They're honestly if you have that like low tier flex play a fan duel or anything like that. I would put the falcons starting running back there because this could be a game. Where he he ends up going for over one hundred yards on? And it's just because the panthers defense is is weird right now because Thomas Davis were both very successful because of the fact that they didn't have lineman all over them all the time time and now leuke estimate perfect reads shack. Thomson's been great but when they have linemen off all their faces all the time. They're not defensive lineman. They're not expected into be able to. You know put off tackle on his back all the time. So Yep from the standpoint of the rushing gaming it's the panthers defense we could see them totally rebound bound and figure it out. Cause that cause Ron Rivera. Has that weird ability to do that but right now they're.

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