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And the senior manager food nutrition outreach with dairy alliance appreciate the info was wonderful to be here okay now that we are informed about the best dairy products for our kids especially for the summer for adults as well you know it is graduation season and were often thinking of what do we give to the graduate sometimes a nice book will inspire as well as educate and one that would be a great gift is called i've been thinking reflections prayers and meditations for a meaningful life the author is maria shriver mother of four peabody award winning emmy award winning journalist and producers she's written numerous books many number one on the new york times bestseller list and we had a chance to talk about what she's been thinking about i on her mind her family proud of all four of our children and i know their dad does to a about our four children they're healthy they're kind of they're loving and they bring so much joy to my life so that has been my greatest purpose is my greatest purpose and my work you mentioned with alzheimer's is also oh my purpose and i think living meaningful life you wanna have some purpose in your life that's larger than yourself that's what i say to my kids all the time it's cool to have ambition it's cool to you know think about what your career but you've got to find something that's bigger than you they get you up in the morning and that makes you feel good about what you're putting out into the world how important have you found gratitude to be in your life.

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