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That's what I'm finding on just healthcare insurance. Would that be worth coming in for visit? I think it would be worth it. So again, Medicare planning is is what I call the the lost part of the income plant scenario where you look at infant playing software generally doesn't have Medicare planning on it. Okay. When it has on its life insurance long-term care. Well, granted long-term cares issue and so's life insurance. But you know, what folks everybody sixty five years old kinda plan for Medicare everybody. Everybody. Is gonna look at or need to look at some form of a meta gap policy. Now, granted there are covered is out there that don't cost you anything. Meaning there's plans that time, but you're in a network there HMO's and most likely you're going to be some sort of a network, and if you get outside of the network and it's questionable. Whether that coverage is going to be there to take care of you, should you need it. So again, look at all the avenues that you have look at everything combined. What I think I'm really finding out is a lot of people who have health insurance, for example, by sixty five sixty eight sixty nine is still have the same plan that they purchase they've experienced a little bit of growth in that plant meeting, costly lounges adjustments your premiums higher. When I'm finding out is that guys at buck guys. And gals bought at sixty five sixty six years old. If they revisit that policy at sixty eight sixty nine maybe seventy the find that new policy at sixty six seventy is cheaper than buying one than the one. They bought a sixty five because what's been going? What's happening? There's by three to four percent increase per year on some of these things. But when you buy a brand.

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