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Is Bloomberg daybreak Asia for this Monday October 3rd in Hong Kong, Sunday, October 2nd in New York and coming up this hour. It will consider an output cut of more than 1 million barrels of oil a day. Tesla's deliveries miss analyst estimates with the automaker facing ongoing supply chain challenges. And Credit Suisse's new chief executive asking investors for less than 100 days to deliver a new turnaround strategy. Rising tension with Russia over Ukraine. Soccer suspended in Indonesia and Florida floodwaters go down, but damage assessments go up, I'm Denise Pellegrini with global news. City dominates united in the Manchester Derby, as Ellen Holland makes history. I'm the schwarzman I'll have that story more coming up in Bloomberg sports. That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg daybreak Asia on Bloomberg 11 three O New York. Bloomberg 99 one Washington D.C., Bloomberg one O 6 one Boston, Bloomberg 9 60 San Francisco, Syria's exam one 19 and around the world on Bloomberg radio dot com and via the Bloomberg business app. Hi everybody, it's early Monday morning here in Asia and the markets are already up and running to a certain degree. Good morning to you, I'm Brian Curtis in Hong Kong. And I'm Richard salami. Presented by interactive brokers, interactive brokers charging, margin loan rates from 3.58% to 4.58%, rate 70 to change, learn more at IBKR dot com slash compare. Now Brian, what have we got in terms of futures, I guess with the turkey is going to be adding to its Friday losses, but it's going to be really interesting to see oil and oil stocks. Yeah, we've got OPEC plus talking about supply cut. We'll get to that in a moment. Equity futures pretty much in the red right across the board. A sentiment is pretty weak here, the Dow had its worst September in 20 years. And it was even, it was even worse than it was during the global financial crisis. And the MSCI all country world index just wrapped up its third straight quarter of declines. First time we've seen that since 2008, market watchers say that stocks are actually oversold and due for a bounce, but there are few signs that that is coming just yet. Seasonally, it is coming into a good time. The S&P 500 has gained an average of 4.1% in the final quarter over the past 20 years. But investors are grappling with high inflation, a surging dollar, jumbo interest rate, hikes, and it's feared that all of this will choke off economic growth. In terms of the numbers today, well, we do have markets closed for holiday, China, in particular, with the golden week holidays. We will trade in Hong Kong today, but not tomorrow right now hanging index futures are flat, shiny futures when they last straight were down about three tenths of a percent. Australian futures up just a tad S&P E minis have just started treading their down about two tenths of 1%. Now, Australia's Central Bank is trying to tame inflation without damaging growth, economists and traders alike expect just one more outsized rate increase at the meeting tomorrow, but the fed on the other hand is Uber hawkish. All right now, oil, 81 83, a barrel up 3% we mentioned OPEC plus is considering cutting output and we'll have more on that in just a moment. Rashad. Yeah, absolutely. And cutting it by more than 1 million barrels a day. We got a massive cut here which would risk adding another shock to the global economy. It's already at the moment a reeling from energy driven inflation as well as an economic slowdown however banks including JPMorgan Chase have said that they pay plus may need to lower output by at least half a million barrels a day in order to stabilize prices. Brent crude soaring above a 125 bucks a barrel following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in January it has since dropped to what $85. In fact, Brent at the moment is trading on 87 bucks 49 cents a barrel, and it has, I suppose, in some ways an attempt for these spectacular windfall enjoyed by these oil producers to Saudi Arabia, Russia and the UAE. Delegates saying that the final decision on the size of OPEX production costs will not be made into ministers meet in Vienna. They'll meet Wednesday, it's the first time they're meeting in person in more than two years. In the meantime, Tesla's worldwide deliveries missed forecasts in the third quarter, the company warning of challenges in getting its cars to its customers. We get more from Bloomberg, Susanna Palmer. Tesla delivered a record 343,830 cars worldwide in the third quarter, which sounds good, but fell short of analyst estimates by more than 13,000 vehicles. The shortfall suggests that supply chain snarls remain a problem. Tesla has said that its delivery count is conservative and that the final numbers could vary by a half percent or more. The company made nearly 366,000 vehicles for the quarter. Susanna Palmer Bloomberg daybreak, Asia. All right, that's what we have at the moment in terms of the oil price watch those oil stocks at the start of the trading day. Coming up in a few moments, we have Terry spath joining us the chief investment officer at Zuma wealth, the time now 5 and a half minutes past the hour time for global news

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