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Federal agents. Not only in Portland, where they are, but also to New York on less, De Blasio gets a handle on the situation in this city. Trump is squarely behind the forces of law and order, where the Democrats and progressives They love protest ng. They love chaos. They love turning everything upside down. They love shanty towns. They love blue tarps. They love, tambourines and folk songs and all that kind of stuff. B But you know, we got a lead. You can't have the city's falling apart under under Democrats. I mean, every city that's in trouble is in trouble because a Democrat is running it. Democrats chaos Where's the chaos in New York City, where you have to send in federal troops were exactly where you were. You were No, no, no, no, We're you down. Were you down by City Hall? It all if you know, but it was very PTO all over certain all over. Serbia is sending the federal troops because there's graffiti. Yes, it's the beginning of the frame of the fabric of society. You gotta you know, get people together. You gotta gotta whip him into shape. Gotto make him you know, do the right thing and not be camping out under blue tarp. There all the time. And in Portland, it's a mess. And how about those? Places in Seattle. I mean, you seem to you liberal seem to excuse this in Seattle. They had those free police zones. No police. You know it was going on there. People were being sexually harassed. Some people got shot. People were being assaulted. But you're like, Well, you know, I mean, hey, if that's what the people want, gotta let her listen to the people is not your attitude, like a failed sounds like a failed experiment. So we'll clean it up. Here's what our somebody got A mayor has to say. Here's what our steam mayor has to say about, you know, sending in federal agents to see if he tried to do it. It would only create more problems. It would backfire wouldn't make us safer and we would immediately take action in court to stop it. Good authority calls it. A bunch of this would be yet another example of illegal and unconstitutional actions by the president. And I know that's often had to confront him in court, and we usually win. First of all, I don't know if any of that is true. I think the president does have well last Ron Kuby coming up next, but he made the president may have the constitutional authority to send troops into a place that is falling apart. Where there's civil unrest, and there has been civil unrest in this city. All right. Let's our buddy Jonathan Karl at the White House for ABC actually asked Kayleigh mcenany the question you just rose about Presidential authority, and now he has the question in regards to war in the Constitution..

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