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Morgan Freeman one two three. Okay. Someone else who you both co starred with in interstellar. Timothy Charlemagne one two three. On loose that goes together to okay, Channing Tatum. One two three three. He will pick your pocket, but he knows what you want is. I. Thank you very much for. On. I thought since you're in magic Mike you go like this. And I was like oh my God. All right. Let's go to the phones. Nathan from Ohio is on the line with the question for Anne Hathaway what your question Nathan. Hi, andy. Hi, and hi, Matthew. Hey. My question is for an as somebody who has hosted the Oscars. What do you think about the decision to go host list this year? Well, I would like to think that I am an immediate reminder that sometimes it's better to go with no host than. And four something. That's just not working. People gave you too hard of a time. Let that I mean. Yes. And no, yes. And no, I think that it was a really impossible situation. And I think that clearly I was trying to do a good job which didn't deserve the amount of scoring that it got. But I also don't think that I was the right person for the job. Well, I like it that you gave it your all. I did. Yes. We all know, I gave it ever rethink. I hey, do anything. Oh, Randy UN wants to know if you really drive a Lincoln. Absolutely. There's three in both of my driveways. Right. And by the way, we did pay. Attention. You arrived in a link. Yes. I'm speaking of what are you drinking tonight because we're drinking the same thing? We are. We are drinking long branch little this is your bourbon. Right. This is my bourbon that I created with that he wrestled wild Turkey. So I I became creative director while Turkey. I went to Eddie Russell. And I said I've always wanted to create my own bourbon. Right. Here's what I like we'd steeped into mosquito for two years. He sent me pint and finally the eighth pint really, that's it you tell tell the difference absolute zeroed in and this is my favorite bourbon on plant right here. It's it's really what do you think? It's really nice. I just had some. I'm just so happy that you weren't like, you know, it was the first one right on it is I mean, it's not hard work to try bourbons. Right. You have to wait for the right time. You get them on Tuesday. Three PM not enough Friday night. Right. Right. Carly from Minnesota wants to know. And did you have a favorite outfit that you wore during devil wears Prada? Oh, so many so many gosh, I loved that green coat with the the leopard collar in the in the montage kind of Andy's makeover montage. And I also just loved that that what I wear the final one in Paris. And I didn't it was on recently in. Yeah. I watched it. And so, and I didn't notice it until that time that the neckline of my outfit and Meryl's outfit was exactly the same. And Patricia fields just used as such genius. Which is this like subtle thing that you put in not show. Andy was becoming. Yes. That was really cool. Let's go to jetty from Michigan. I recently rewatch that to actually Jenny Witcher question for Matthew, mcconaughey. Andy Reid is great..

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