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Erika Maldonado, South Korea, WGN discussed on Brian Noonan


I have one question from Univision yeah this is from Erika Maldonado she wants to know why isn't Illinois putting tougher measures in place like perhaps no one on the streets after seven PM or perhaps why not only one person per family one day a week depending on the last name of that family for example these are all measures that potentially could be put in place there's no doubt there are other things that we can do as well met you know in South Korea just to give you one example there are everybody that walks into a grocery store before they walk in their their temperatures taken and when you came into this building your temperature was taken here at the state of Illinois building that's something that I think is a very interesting idea something that I've looked at and considered and you know as we move along here you've seen we've tightened and tightened you know wherever we thought we could so these ideas that that are being brought up by Erika Maldonado are perfectly good ideas we could do those things I think what we're seeing is people are for the most part of the vast majority of people are abiding by our stay at home they are doing the right things but we will continue to look at what is possible what is likely and how we would enforce those things you're listening to the governor's daily press conference here on seven twenty WGN would be every few years possibly well there's no doubt that the you know a single virus pandemic even if we overcome it when we overcome it doesn't mean that there could be another one so that is absolutely true in the federal government and state governments no doubt this was a massive red a red alert to everyone that this could happen and it could happen with a much more severe virus potentially so we've got a rethink I think everything about healthcare so that we can be prepared for for the pet potential a pandemic in the future are there any criteria or data points that could leave the governor to impose tighter restrictions than those that are currently in place and what might those look like or is this literally all the state could do right now well as indicated by an earlier question there certainly are more things that could be done met you know as you know we were first and I think very strongly so to put in place many of the measures that we have today if you were either first or among the first I should say the second to put a stay at home in place now it's now I.

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Erika Maldonado, South Korea, WGN discussed on Brian Noonan

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