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I._b._m. Did i think the big finding here is that when you start trying to figure out how many people are affected you got to look closely at was that retirement really voluntary voluntary and knowing what the law requires retirements to be or was it forced on them be forced. Tell us how we couldn't be <hes> involuntary. It's pretty simple i._b._m. Told people who are <hes> fifty five and older many of their older workers who they decided to <hes> to lay off that they were retiring and many of these people many of the people we talked to said no. I'm not retiring. You're laying me off and ibm said no. You're retiring hiring now. That counts for something because another things if you're retiring you don't get unemployment benefits so <hes> people fought this but not successfully well. We'll get to more of the cases as you say it. You just sits on the important. We're not talking about the elderly here. We're talking about people over forty over fifty that's right. I think one of the reasons is important is that people over forty and fifty but younger than for example. My age of late sixties ineffective stranded. We don't have a lot of social safety nets for people who get laid off when they're fifty years old and many of these people end up being out of work for extremely long times and many of them eat through a lot of the retirement tyrant savings the very things that were expected to have for when we do get to be sixty five so that they're they're kind of stranded in the middle. It makes a mess of people's financial lives and under personal lives but also if you're thirty. Let's say or forty and you're listening to this and thinking well. That's not me will it sort of is in ten years so we want to lay the the groundwork here and go to the case in austin. What are the allegations in that case against i._b._m. <hes> the allegations this is a case in the federal district court in austin austin of top level sales person for one of i._b._m.'s products was told <hes> he was resigning prepatory to retirement and he has said <hes> nothing of the sort of that <hes> he was laid off and the hearing tomorrow is about whether or not <hes> i._b._m. C. go johnny remedy can be deposed on this subject. He you cite in your political reporting many of i._b._m.'s own words from confidential documents and and one for instance talks about the company having a strategy to correct seniority mix meaning. They wanted more millennials than active campaign to get millennials just taking taking i._b._m.'s position for a moment if a company feels that we are a technology company and this is a time of changing technology analogy. We want younger people in who are more comfortable with new technology. What is wrong with that well. Let's let's try to things one. One is this issue of being comfortable technology. There are lots of images that the young are better at technology and they may be about certain kinds of technology and they're not about others so there is the we have to watch assumptions about technological capabilities. One of the things that i showed in we showed in this story is that people who i._b._m. Rated as very competent technologically and in doing their jobs were not protected at all from layoff the fact of their competence and i._b._m.'s.

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