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That they are willing to give up their job because they don't want to get the vaccine, right? Yeah, the big test. Uh, a high hospital in Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania has decided that they will let you work. Even if you haven't had the vaccine if you had covid So this is a medical institution that is recognizing your own immune system. Congratulations to the medical community there in the Lehigh Valley, saying you either had the vaccine. Or you had covid. You're both in the same category, which congratulations for those recognizing the power of your own immune system of the that happens. What's that? Of getting sick the power of having been sick, sick and then getting over it. We'll see if I know that Falcon was asked about that. He said he was not. He was on his unaware and doesn't know if they're they're doing studies on it, which I find that hard to believe. But Anyway, Here's Tracy Taylor looking at traffic for us. We had an earlier wreck on self and a five on your highway 18 Still there in the HIV lane. Traffic is a little slow on south and four or five through Bellevue and earlier reckon near Northeast eight that was blocking his now cleared and they just cleared a stall on South and 99 just after the stadium. So if you're headed for the Red Sox game tonight, gather some heavier traffic on South and 99 coming through the tunnel. Busy on the Valley Freeway Shire Valley Medical Center, But drivers continue to struggle after Highway 18 18 eastbound has little slowing near Auburn Way westbound from just after where Houser drivers through Tacoma. Normal delays between highway 18 the Dome Highway 16 is building as we leave. We'll watch it, and it looks pretty good right now through Lakewood, but Starting to see a few more brake lights outside of DuPont. Silicon Road, Cairo Radio, Real time traffic and Tracy Taylor today I'm taking it to the streets to give people the good news. Oh, excuse me. Hi. I'm Flo from progressive. Sorry. Who? Who? You know, I do commercials. Okay, I stream TV.

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