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The situation now right now it's done what of this morning is forty degrees fahrenheit so now you're gonna see the melting now you're gonna see maybe some flood issues go but i think that there are i think for the most part they're done and if you've put it in perspective so they talked about the you know the peace from the east all this weather coming in from sight barry killick got down at night to no five to ten degrees uh during the day away just twenty degrees bought uk is inadequate for that kind of temperature so it's not white chicago we are o'hare would have this and if the ship of the middle of the night at chicago you know that the kennedy expressway even though i might be a tough morning rush it feel these lynnwood cleared by seven a m yeah no it say well we see that we see that in different regions of this country as well you know there was just the when it there was ice a few weeks ago down south in new orleans in some other places they don't have they don't have sought they don't have trucks in it shuts whole city down but for for an entire country to be shut down especially like you said with the rail system that is a that's not good but thankfully thankfully that is over and we can turn our attention to the big stories in the uk which of course you know this for it as the royal correspondent for the jam which people can watch our mornings on w ciu tv not only one what do we know about negative hairy they're getting married on may 19th that is a that's going to be the big one i know you are i know you are clamoring for one of these public invitations but there's another wedding princess eugenie who is a prince andrew's youngest daughter she's getting married in.

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