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What questions do you have for Al Sharpton? Give us a call It 8667336786 again, 8667336786. You can also get in touch on Twitter or Facebook. A K Q b D forum or email your questions or comments to forum dot org's Why do you say defund? The police is a misnomer. I say that it has been too started by some of us have embraces. Some have embraced in other ways our way of saying it is to take those forms and reimagining policing should be done. There should be fun. Put into Leto help! There should be fun. Community policing. This should be fun dealing with the underlying problems in the communities in terms of education and daycare, So we're not staying from our perspective, the others that from their respective saying We're not saying remove all police was saying to do a retraining where they integrated in the community and many of the communities that we serve. And we have the problem of gun violence and police by so we need some form of policing. But we don't need to keep doing what does not work. Why would you keep financing something that has proven to be in effect? That's why you're you almost a d thing. The police was sort of what you used Interestingly right? As I asked you that question, A comment came through to me. Justin Rights defund. The police is not the best message. What about refund? The police Add more funding and change. It's allocation. I don't know if you go that far. But do you agree that it requires more funding and needs a change in allocation? I think that if if you were going to Oh, and any further allocation. It must be first on a format off a new way that we deal with policing in the country. Is that the one who has done more than the front policing If that is the object, if that is what is objectionable person right way, Donald Trump because his mishandling of Copan 19. Has put a lot of cities and in the red and they're laying off people in law enforcement so one and he's against the funding, even reimagining policing at another. He's causing it himself because they are close to bankrupting many sins. Well, you know, that is one of several things that you you sort of take on in terms of the left the left looking at itself. The left trying to deal with Unifying clarifying its message, and you also say in some ways a give and take like You know, don't you don't necessarily say this specifically. But the general ideas. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Do you think that there's too much of that going on? Yeah. Talk about calling that liberals a lot of people that sit up in problems. And simple aunties and have these purists thinks that this is out 10 Point plan. And if you don't agree with all 10 points and do it our way that you are not progressive enough. No, they're many of us that do things differently. One. If the ultimate goal is to get us the same place. Let's not keep yours. Let's not deal with it in a way that would be exclusion. Winning the fights for social justice is about addition, not subtraction. And we should be able to expand the base of support and, like way. So what? George Wright and many demonstrations and marches that I went to where there were more waste and blacks and some cell. We don't need all of these allies. We need all the allies we can get. In a battle to get new legislation and you get police to be accountable. And I think that too many of us come with rigid, inflexible, purest kinds of rules, and that becomes the goal rather than establishing justice and fend. You know, you devote an entire chapter to talking about LGBTQ rights and you call out homophobia and transphobia in the black community..

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