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On tape you know saying that that's that's our home field up in co could be your aryans last game eight may that it's a really interesting game that might not end up mattering just because of the rivalry but it could be aeriens his final game and it really could be the last kinda rodeo for this seahawks defense and in the fact that it's against each other and rivalry in i i'm not i'm not given any advice for people out there in the desert but the seahawks are heavy favorites in this game and how is this game not coming down to the very end in one of these kickers or some crazy play it says destined for that dan there are rumblings according to brian castillo from the new york post eager rumblings is that if variance goes as we expect the cardinals would like to have todd bowles become their head coach about swap well i don't think arriens i'll take cousin bruce editor arriens wants to go to the jets if they really want todd bowles i think i will be okay that especially if ajay gruden or someone a that came available i i think a lot of defence would be okay todd bowles was in back despite the relative quote unquote success of the season which people need to calm down just a little money in 2007 over three years and hasn't made the playoffs hurts i they think competitive in thirteen of fifteen games that they've been no but edited elected that uh but it is todd bowles like a super bowl winning coach potentially does he have that type of juice i don't know about todd enron and seattle they're going to be playing this game the same time in the falcons it's exciting i mean i wonder if it's the last year old thomas game thereafter what's happened over the last week they asked pete carroll about it during the week never a good sign he just he just said what when they asked about irl thomas going into the cowboys locker room he said well that's unusual that's just earl being earl.

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