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But not the case with kim of america announcing today the twenty twenty two model year narrow evey refreshed better equipped and more expensive on the outside the narrow has the new kia badge on the front grille the tailgate in the steering wheel and i suppose the wheel hubs as well. The biggest change is the big ten point two five inch touchscreen now becoming standard. The entry level trim is nine hundred dollars more expensive. It's now thirty nine. Nine ninety thirty nine and the premium version is forty four six fifty so the spectrum the same the us only gets the big battery version. We get two choices of battery. Sixty four kilowatt hour battery. Api range two three nine. That's miles of course. Three hundred ninety five kilometers one hundred and fifty kilowatt. Electric motor very similar to the hyundai. Kona if they're doing is bringing us back. I think in line with the twenty twenty two Kona which had for three months the the new revised face. Kinda as i've mentioned a few times. I really really liked it for a compromise. Cow in other words account bill for multiple powertrains really good wi fi loved it as well should buy one absolutely by one but i said well. Let's look at some other options. I as well interesting reaction to this story Somebody i so online said the two three years ago. That wasn't a bad price. You know thirty nine full entry level trim but now the bolt is cheaper. The leaf is at least ten grand like fifteen grand cheaper now. Lots more competition and the id four as well so somebody saying that. The full has arrived. And the seventy seven kilowatt hour battery to wheel drive Id four has a thirteen kilowatt hour. Pack that's larger fifty kilometers more. Wwl tv range has better. Ac charging i thought that the new kate kona and the new narrow were eleven kilowatt ac. But if not you know the four has if you get three phase eleven kilowatt. Ac charging Sunny a lot faster dc fast charging than the inara bigger cargo area more passenger space and in europe. The id four is only four and a half grand will forty thousand euros more than the narrow sixty kilowatt hour so if you apply that pricing to the us should be thirty five thousand dollars. Pre incentives should be thirty five to thirty six thousand dollars pre incentives key getting to that limit on the federal tax credit which does bring below thirty k. Of course the four as well so it's is apples for apples and i see what they mean by that. That is a premium price for the narrow. Which is still a great ebay. By the way if you're narrow the narrow it's called in different parts of the world you've got yourself a great car but not a cheap cop next. Lithium ion batteries were pioneered many years ago. By one of the people He was a nobel prize winner by the way akiro yoshino. He's a professor. He's the winner of the twenty nineteen nobel prize for chemistry for his work on lithium ion batteries and he can take credit for the upheaval in the automative industry. Lithium-ion batteries In the first serious competition in a century to fossil fuels now the honorary fellow. Japanese chemical firm has been talking about electric vehicles and batteries. He has an ax to grind. So i think he's just a knowledgeable gentleman who is happy to share his thoughts two major areas of innovation. He says our key in lithium ion batteries he said one would be the new. Cathode materials and ano- materials. The second one would be the system where the electric vehicle is used in other words how people use electric vehicles how they charge them and how he discharged them. He said it's the nobel prize when he's it. With fuel cells hydrogen vehicles there are challenges on the technology and the costs but you can overcome them. If you think about the long term to twenty fifty autonomous shed vehicles are gonna come about. Hypothetically an autonomous vehicle could be run with petrol engine it could be electric and it could be fuel-cell it doesn't matter what the power sources but it does. Need autonomous vehicles need to replenish the energy. Somehow if the vehicle can't do that automatically without human intervention the system is meaningless. The same thing would be true for petrol or hydrogen right now. The automotive industry is thinking about how to invest in the future of mobility at the same time the. It industry is thinking about the future of my ability and somewhere sometime the also and it industries. That's going to be a convergence for the future of mobility. Wow fascinating one of the pioneers of your mind. It's clearly a deep thinker on this subject saying look hydrogen petrol. It's all the way of moving around but batteries adjust bats up so i'll to the straits times website in the in the shines. He's gonna read the full article. It's really really interesting next. The ford focus has been spied with a big mac. At-at screen the face. Lifted ford focus for twenty twenty. Two model year has a major upgrade inside and he spy photos pointing to the supersized infotainment screen inspired by tesla says dr dot com dot a year. I was a little unfair as the mac e in the family but yes tessler inspired them. They might have done who knows with the perspective of the image. It makes it difficult to confirm but it appears the focus will be the latest ford model to gain sink for the sink for infotainment system. Which houses the Fifteen point five inch touchscreen from the mac a four year of has committed to offering a plug in hybrid or all electric version of every vehicle. It sells but that doesn't kick in until twenty twenty six. That deadline conveniently follows after the end of current generation focuses lifecycles four years of the combustion ones than we all electric on the ford focus. That's a car that really does need to be all electric for the masses to in next lotus and a teaser image previews the future lotus. Ev lineup. Which will be made of up to five models with the inclusion of the via vise the hydrocare joining it from next year. We'll be a large suv. Now it still code-named type one three two then. The following year in two thousand twenty-three we see the arrival of a similarly sized four door coupe. Pay that is code-named type one. Three three and that shaping up as a model competitive it's a mid size segment next the d. segment suv. That's the tight. One three four that will arrive in twenty twenty four. That'll be up against like the bmw. I x three. Three of these vehicles will use lotuses recently announced premium architecture according to the magazine auto express and the website porter express dot uk. They say a fully electric car platform. The premium architecture is developed by geely owner of lotus for a global rollout of the lifestyle 'cause including the suv's and the photo coupet lotus confirming the premium. Architecture isn't an eight hundred volt system soap. It'll charge quick on a hundred volt. Charges were token two hundred. Well to the minute. I only five from hyundai is about two hundred thirty three kilowatts. i think. Peak speed youtube videos of showed porsche tycoon. Around to seventy in theory faster as well The latest lifestyle vehicles all made in china so low is an everyone loves. The cows made in china. The new wuhan factory. Which does i've been later this year. Coming up on the podcast volkswagen's electric van plans and the fastest selling av's if they used stick around that's coming up now. Jay leno is reviewing the twenty twenty two mercedes benz e q has. I love jay leno. Clearly a car guy. And you know if you're watching a youtube video cal lecarr guy so he's passionate about costs it can be. It can be whatever but he loves his vase and his and his petrol stuff as well. But i'll just say to begin with. I watched this video. I wouldn't have been surprised. If it was sponsored content. He was so a few sive about the mercedes. Benz e q had somebody from mercedes-benz on asking them softball questions. I don i i mean. They gave him a car to drive for a week. I wouldn't be surprised if that gave mccarthy kate because he was like this is just a half hour at ish from mercedes-benz he clearly says amazing things. About this car he got the mercedes benz e to drive around in In the local area he was impressed by the ease of use effortless. It was to drive. He talked about the vibration. The sense of ultimate luxury At one point. Jay says it's almost as if you're watching a video of the outside world because it's so quiet inside and it's just outside. Passersby is interesting. What you want from jay is to lift up the bonnet to lift up the boot and the flaps and to have a good old knows around. What what's this doing here like what's that why did you if you've got the designer for mercedes. Why did you why they're no cameras. Va miraz and make mercedes say well. Us laws won't allow it but outside of the us. Yeah we'll have cameras. It's better for the drag like any unappealing the polling to it in the show nights you watch it. I enjoyed it. i love it. I love jay but there was no clear he loves the car. He was abusive. A at that next. We'll talk about vauxhall. Well here i say vauxhall in europe you'd say opel vauxhall opel's latest electric van. The combo e has just gone on sale in the uk completing the phones lineup of electric commercial vehicles. The kumbo a starts at twenty five thousand pounds now. That doesn't include. Vat because of course businesses if you're vat registered you can claim back the vat from her majesty's customs including the government's plugging cochran as well. Gee to hit showrooms later this year the combo e brings the electric range of two hundred hundred seventy one miles rather i should say fifty kilowatt hour battery. Look you know the school. This is exactly the same spec. All of that commercial vehicles is solid as a rock fifty kilowatt hour battery hundred kilowatt. Motor hundred kilowatt. Dc charging that means you're full in thirty minutes business uses can get zero benefiting kind tax Something that we haven't really explored on this podcast benefit in kind taxes. One of those things that the the you can do through legislation to incentivize people to go. Ev hasn't gotta just be money off. The price of the cost for instance. Let me explain if a business owns a car and its employees. Get use of that personal Moving around then there's a tax to pay because it's a benefit right so we have to pay income tax on that and that's pretty onerous. That's why company 'cause a less popular here than they used to be. But the government's zero free days. Now it's one percent of the minute and it's two percent well. Two percent of the p eleven devalue it to the like the purchase price basically. Let me say that. So you think you'll two percent value of the car so this next year from twenty twenty two so you take a car. That is in theory. Let's just say forty grand. Okay i know eve as can be more. Okay say fifty grand. It's two percent of that. That is a thousand pounds. that's the rateable taxable value. Then you apply your personal tax rate. So again i won't go into a you know a long story about our tax rates it can be twenty or forty or forty five percent so you are in the twenty percent tax bracket than twenty percent of the thousand pound values at two hundred hundred. Yeah you have to pay extra for the use of that. And that's just that's just tax to the government for having use of a company com- that makes driving a company Very very attractive but if it's a commercial vehicle it's zero percent benefit in kind tax. They got that's my proof. Not i'm out. I forget this global podcast and seventy people. Listening around the world will be like what's he talking about so that you've got that's an explainer but if you will country does something similar or it's just one of the ways of not just sticking money on you know off. The price of the cop has lots of little tools that regulators and governments can do the actually. Because this podcast go. oh man. This is a massive digression. This podcast is a limited company. It's a business now. I started off making a few pounds. I'm so just didn't redo anything with it but it was making hundreds of pounds a month. I'm like okay well now. I have to declare that. Obviously you have to be within the the law and so i had to go back and declare everything and we set up as a limited company. Eventually which means it is only legal entity and it does make a small profit. Every i don't take a salary clearly the is not enough to pay my to completely live off but it does wash its face. Pays the bills et cetera So yeah this podcast could in theory own car and then i could drive that podcast car but i would personally have to pay some extra money in my income tax every year. will the combo yvonne from vauxhall or opel in europe can be a panel van. It could be a crew van. It's got to load lengths to specs the dynamic and the sport eve specks up link to yahoo news agency going to read. What are the fastest. Selling tv's i need the slowest selling in the uk well. The eniro was august. Fastest-selling e. used electric car the second place was testimonial x. Two today's to sell coarser eight thirty three days model. Three thirty four days nissan leaf thirty six days q. Four h. on that. He's six days how they use one of those around. That's brand new. Exc- forty recharge that nine days. Mg's se thirty nine days ego forty days and i d three forty days to sell only use market slow as was the van hundred fifty as it says to sell holy moly. That's a long time. I guess they're expensive and smaller audience for the next a canadian. Based architectural design competition is seeking inspiring concepts that will imagine the traditional roadside fuelling station while serving as a blueprint for the next level. Ev charging stations says canadian architect website. See i go to these places to find stories fee. I bet you've never been to canadian. Architects dot com. The design competition is called. The electric fuelling station of the future was launched by the canadian organization calling on designers and architects to get that thinking caps on and submit plans an entirely new roadside oasis. Evey charges. I can't wait to see the entries and even the winner of this rethinking charging stations. I can think of good examples. And i can think of some not damn shabby examples of charging stations. We're asking the experts. Please design them. Final stories that i the new ford mustang mark e the lead designer of that donald donna dixon she stopped by the vlogger sambi monroe and was talking about the mac aid. The big news is going to be range. Updates coming over the next few years. The maquis lineup starts at two hundred and eleven miles of range for the base trim tops out at three. Oh five miles. According to also blog she was coy. About how much range. The engineers will be able to add year on year. And how they'll do it but it will go beyond just software and battery chemistry. She said quote. We know we have to get some white out to better. Those numbers and quotes by the looks of some efficiencies the monkey designers. No they can do maybe some compromises as it was stevie gets in white out of the car get some extra range right question of the week with immobility norway dot com. That's caused like the hyundai onic five and trucks like the ford f. One fifty lightning arrive on the market with plug sockets on domestic plugs able to deliver not just a few watts but serious kilowatts of power. What will you power from your ebay in the future. Please tell me by email. Address is a love at abc news. Daily dot com. My mention for a review is always welcome. If you use apple podcasts. The app on online on itunes. Maybe peculiar you. Click on this podcast. You'll see that as the ratings and reviews actually can give star rating either. Bet you can say a few words about why you listen it helps other people find this show social proof if you like you can say what you think about the show and it helps me grow the audience site if you can be amazing high to our patriot. Premium upon us fill robots have electric future. Brad crosby porsche of the village. In cincinnati audi of cincinnati aced volvo cows of cincinnati national charging on the us mainland and low hajjaj in hawaii derek riley from the interior of you on youtube channel richer. Our i he dot dot. Uk for buying selling evasion the uk. And of course immobility no way dot com. Good timing cast. She's hungry she was identity. I'm gonna feed the gap and remember. There's no such thing as self charging hybrid..

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