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What we can get into the disaster artist the disaster artist tells of two friends tommy was so played by james franco and nineteen year old grigson sterile play by dave franco the to meet in an acting class in san francisco and tommy's off the wall performance of streetcar named desire appeals to reserved gregg who cannot express himself the to become friends and tommy suggest they moved to los angeles together where he already has an apartment greg doesn't know where tommy's from cow tommy has so much money were really anything about the accented longhaired wannabe but for his chance at stardom greg agrees despite his mother's objections in los angeles great gets it agents and a girlfriend named amber play gallison brie tommy seems a bit put off by this relationship when thomas told with finality by judd appetito the his acting career won't happen he decides to write his own script the room he plans to finance this himself to the tune of six million dollars and he and greg will start it they by their equipment and hire a professional crew including script supervisor sandy should claire played by south rogin and director photography rafael smajda played by paul sheer only those two seemed to be able to realize the debacle the film is becoming but their paychex clear so they put up with tommy who becomes even more eccentric and demanding things worse than between tommy in grade when greg decides to move in with amber and tommy axe jealous tom even seems to retaliate when he refuses to give greg a day off so he can go film apart from malcolm in the middle the film is finished but the friendship is destroyed greg an amber break up and greg stays in la acting on stage but tommy finishes the film and uses his own money for a grand premier he convinces greg to go which he does but to tommy's horror his film is not met with the dramatic feelings but with gales of uproarious laughter at the inept film but the laughter in itself is an emotion and the crowd gives tommy is standing.

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