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Hello marilyn hi dan how are you i'm pretty good how are you doing i'm doing pretty good duda duda put twelve hundred old phone od do day yeah we we usually like to record your live report from from the floor but that being that wwe season san jose now yeah it's a little bit tougher free to go so you haven't you haven't been doing your live reports yeah i'm usually on the show floor now it's down there out of their computer show it's done in san jose yeah big computer show big party you gotta break all the windows i read some things down to talk about with that all right you i you did you are you are some of the thing i watched i watched a lot of it i couldn't couldn't quite get through all of it but i i saw all all through the mac part and then i was out well do you want to jump in on stuff that stuck out to you other stuff too yeah well maybe you can start but yeah i i thought there are some cool things in there yeah for sure yeah let's skip over the watch stuff because i know you're not a big audience likes it and i think i one of the things that i noted and they opened it kind of opened with this about the watch that i thought was pretty interesting they tim cook told a story of i guess there was a husband and wife and they were out on a boat and suddenly the the husband just sort of dropped down and lost all muscle tension and was dying or something in the phone with their phone was missing but they were able to call for help with using just the watch and that was pretty cool and it's obvious to me that the watch is greatest strength and i think it's biggest potential for the future is in in every aspect or surrounding health whether that's emergency care you know the stories that we hear people being in a car accident where they they can't they don't can't get to their phone but they're watches ready.

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