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James clyburn is giving me heartburn he is a very hot up democrat in the united states house of representives james clyburn is a longserving democratic congressman south carolina james clyburn as i if my if i'm if my math death is right now from counting right math death on james clyburn is the number three democrat on the house side so this nancy pelosi then this dude steny hoyer and then james clyburn and james clyburn is now confronting this issue of sexual harassment with john conyers and he is suggesting a separate standard for politicians which is giving me heartburn other man in other news face decisions and i'm out of the way resigned stuck down far faster than here friday harvey weinstein charlie rose math our who so is dinner because these elected who we elected him that's a member of the that's in fact several members of the media they got james clyburn and a group of aids and other congressman at an elevator inc in the capital and they said hey you heard them of your what about this and suggestions clyburn suggested that the people who who have been damaged who have been a had their careers destroyed who have have have been exposed like harvey why seats criminal investigations people like harvey weinstein they're not politicians they didn't get elected anything suggestive clyburn is suggesting it's the voters that get to decide these things at the end of the day i was suspected nancy pelosi is going to have to explain what is the third of difference between now frank and and john conyers that is arnold read he's the attorney for congressman gone years and so he sees taunting nancy pelosi saying if you want john conyers twer to quit while then you've gotta get al franken out of their individual such as the congressmen have a right to due process and have a right to defend themselves that is a read the attorney for congressman conyers and remember what he just said can't roy more say the same thing individual such as the congressmen have a right to due process and have a right to defend them sale well debt karoi more say people like the judge ever right to due process the right to defend themselves i'm asking again what's the standard and can we apply one standard all evenhandedly and i love james clyburn i'm a big fan of james clyburn i've been a big fan of jim clyburn for years will you can disagree with.

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