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Goals a game. Fairly rotator also. Reevaluate everything should be done. The extended weekend we got figure out how to get better on defense. We got to figure out how does sustain drives and put it in the end zone on offense. So gazes cranky as you can imagine the dolphins dropped to four and four. And he says essentially now it's time to push the reset button. We gotta figure it out. Brock Tober is nearly over. No, no, absolutely. Not. But he does say that the team was never really insane on Thursday night football coach just told us in the locker room. He said we we need to hone in on the details. The details of our system and he's exactly right. This coaching staff. Works extremely hard to put players in position to have success on game day, and they did that once again now it's up to us players to execute that game plan all eleven at the same time and make place for this football team. So Brock Osweiler still filling in for Ryan tannehill. They did have a nice run game going, and they also had a couple of fun plays that we'll let you hear coming up a trick play crazy. Devante Parker catch that I was caught by teammate. And then got. Got knocked out of his teammates hands up in the air off the helmet of a defender. And it goes flying straight up and comes down to. Devante parker. It was kind of fun actually. Oh and deandre Hopkins. Wants an apology. He'll tell you. I so the Texans win in. Highly entertaining fashion forty two twenty three over the dolphins. They've now won five straight after starting Owen three. And they're on top of the AFC south Boston. Get a couple of extra days off here playing on Thursday. It's always nicer when you win on Thursday. Then you can enjoy those days off we're often running in week eight what's the game. You're most looking forward to we've got a poll up on Twitter a law radio. Also on our Facebook page. You can weigh in our re tweet here. So you can find the poll little more on this particular matchup. And Josh Norman every time he talks, maybe it's not supposed to be funny. But it's still it's still fascinating. Anyway, he's weighing in on the air. Agreed versus Malcolm Jenkins. He said he said that we've had going on this week as we get set for another game in London. So a lot taking place it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio. This is not making mistakes. Do you have frequent heartburn like the kind of heartburn where you stash in assets everywhere, you feel like you've got to have those chalky tablets just in case heartburn strikes. If that's you know, that there's an easier way to deal with heartburn right prognostic OTC just one pill a day will last a full twenty four hours with zero heartburn with promise psycho TCU can actually simply not get heartburn in the first place. No more stashing in assets. Try OTC one pill a.

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