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And that night the president simple Balsas to joke about an unprovoked attack on a reporter fed Jacobs. Buy this congress. He's talking about Greg Gianforte who's running for for congress out there in Montana. Does this wash with you? Does this negate the mobs somehow out there swarming Capitol Hill in your community in marches and rallies breaking windows antiga that whole explosion of violence in hate were seeing does a congressman in a disagreement with a reporter who slams them down equate with these mobs were saying, by the way that happened back months and months ago. And is Trump side comment? I think it's just a joke. I and and to add to this. Not unlike Leslie stole, which we we decomposed demystified that interview written decomposed that we broke it down for you last week earlier in the show and Leslie stole unwittingly. I believe now was really used by the president as as a stand in for the rest of the media. And I think when when the media begins its echo, and they stop having original thoughts, but begin to echo one another. The public utterly tunes them out. In fact, this is why I believe so many Democrats gave the president a second look because they said, wait a minute. If all these people are against him, and they're all saying the same thing. What is this guy really doing and they looked closely? That may be what's happening now as we approach these midterms. I see some of these polls everything tightening up that naturally happens in the midterm. Will there be a Trump effect? Let's go to cliff New Jersey. What do you think cliff? What moved you? What is moving you to the polls. What's the issue? Meet. The polls is Democrats. I believe are behind this March. And I think that all you talking heads.

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