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You need to use promo code dynamic dinesh. I'm back and we're talking about the midterms and some results have come in in the last day or so. In fact, I mean I were talking together about results out of New York. A number of congressional races that were poised kind of on the knife's edge or were right in the middle have tipped over into the Republican column. Let's remember, by the way, we think of New York, we're like, wow, New York really? What? But New York is fairly conservative outside of New York City. So as you begin to move Long Island as you move upstate, you republicanism is not uncommon, and in some ways it's even the majority. So it's only because of the dense population of New York that New York is a safely by and large democratic state. But what you have here is races that were that had about an equal number of Republicans and Democrats. So maybe even democratic leaning falling the Republican way. Now what does this mean? Well, it basically helps us in the house. And we have to give credit to this guy Lee zeldin, Lee zeldin ran against Kathy hochul for the governor's race, and he lost, but he lost pretty narrowly. I mean, if you look at those numbers between Zelda and hulk, I mean huckel won it pretty cleanly, but it was not the normal blowout. It wasn't something where hoku got 60 and zeldon got 40. It was something where these guys were just a few points apart and what that means is that Zelda had a sort of coattail in New York. He was able to pull up some of the other Republicans. By the way, this was just a confirmation of how politics works in teams. In other words, if you do well at the top of the ballot, you often do better at the bottom of the ballot. One of the anomalies of 2020 was the Trump lost, but Republicans down ballad did pretty well. This is an anomaly that I think about when I, as I put the film together 2000 meals and also wrote the wrote the accompanying book. Now there's a lot of inner debate. Among Republicans about Trump and desantis, who's the guy for 2024, and it seems to me that some of this debate is a little bit premature.

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