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After a trip to the apartheid museum in johannesburg that it became clear to me we needed to create a cultural institution that helped people in this country come to terms with the legacy of slavery and lynching and segregation and that's when this whole process began it's it's incredible that this is all happening in montgomery as i said in the introduction it is the the cradle of the of the confederacy the when you walk into the legacy museum the first thing you see on your left is a is a map of downtown montgomery and pointing out that montgomery was the center of the slave trade to the point where you note on the map all of the places that sold or did business or we're in the business of trading in human beings yeah i don't think people in this community have heard montgomery city shaped by slavery before and i think because they haven't heard that they've created this very romanticized fictional understanding but it wasn't just montgomery of course it was the home of the american south that witness this influx of hundreds of thousands of them slaves people and the landscape was absolutely shaped by this horrific human trafficking and the banks and the hotels and all of the commercial institutions were party to that and we can't think about slavery without thinking about the economics of it and how people build wealth in this country based on this barbaric and brutal abuse of of other human beings and for me that was really important to kind of rhetoric because as you pointed out this is a state that has still love celebrating that period of american history we jefferson davis his birthday is still a state official holiday as you pointed out confederate.

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