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Slaughter of tombstone. Luke slaughter of tombstone civil war cavalryman turned arizona cattleman across the territory from yuma to fort defiance from flagstaff. To the taku and below the border through chihuahua and sonora his name was respected or feared depending on which side of the law you on man of vision men of legend. Luke slaughter of tombstone folks right. Dictionaries must have a pretty tough time with the word. Tolerance had to boil it down to just one other word of the understanding. Some of here in tombstone found that out when i gave chief mark gano and a few of his apache braves the loan of a couple of sections of nice spread to try their hand at cattle-raising and i got chewed out. Plenty about it. Every time i went into town. You call it experiment slaughter. I call it an invitation to those sneaking the patches to murder you living on my spread figure it's my business They won't stop you on. Say smell white blood again. No massacre everybody in tombstone. Lickliter vail marjiana's ghana's through making war just trying to understand. Our ways is trying to get his people to adopt some of them They adopted guns quick enough but they'll never be cattleman. This was their country before it was hours. They've got a right to be part of its progress. Can't just shut the apache's up on a reservation and forget them. Oh maybe we can't forget but if we drive him back to the callers we'll at least have some warning when they strike aren't going to strike gone. I have sort of a private treaty. God knows senile old fool. You got a private treaty with that trigger temperature. Sunday his lash. I like him too. He's intelligent he's got spunk. Spunk my looking all over for you. I want to make the acquaintance of mr henry fell from back. East fell is years. Luke slaughter my boss and is years carterville. None of big man. These outing distinct pleasure gentlemen. Indeed it is so you'll from back east mr phone yes indeed. Ino- boys mr fell. Here cannot draw any man in the he can..

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