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The things that were printed the power that gave it yeah and so therefore Josaphat like this thing could destroy the entire house of cards so he declared the newspaper Fake News Public Nuisance and then on June tenth he lit a mob at that broke into the building and destroyed the press was he was there. It was present present. I didn't realize it yep and again. It's it's hard to overstate how big shock to the to American sensibilities was destroying oppress at that time I it's crazy so warrants issued for Smith's arrest so Joseph declared martial law in new and called up the Novel Legion O.. J.'s things we're about to get fucking real so governor Illinois Governor Thomas Ford traveled to the county seat of Carthage several miles from Nauvoo to try and prevent a war the Governor Guaranteed Smith Safety and a fair trial and at first Joseph and Hiram tried to flee across the Mississippi River however when they realized that such a cowardly act because it was a cowardly act they were abandoning their their flock <hes> <hes> they realized that the cowardice of that and and that check that on the Bingo card exactly like leader fleeing in the night. What's it gets hot? They realize that this act might bring the church down in and of itself so they returned <hes> <hes> back across the river and road towards Carthage to turn themselves in so various accounts habit that Joseph said quote. If my life is of no value to my friends it has done to myself and I am going like a lamb to the slaughter but I am as calm as a summers morning I have a conscience void of offense towards God and towards all men I shall die innocent and Shell yet be said of me. He was murdered in cold blood. Okay bullshit what a passive aggressive drama but also like that's that that sounds like like somebody wrote it after the fact just yes he was going to his martyrdom totally smacks of of a because what he was really saying was fuck. Oh Fuck Fuck. What do we do? What do we do totally yeah and then and then everybody asks after after the guys murder they're like what did he say when he was being dragged to jail I go but for the boarding yeah totally stupid tell us Martin Harris or whoever was was in the room with John Taylor Johnson right yeah so now in custody in Carthage Joseph even hire them were charged with treason for declare martial law which was a capital offense this oh it's a big deal well yeah because they were Oh yeah? They called up insurrection so they were held in the second floor of a small jailhouse and we're allowed out visitors treason used to get you in jail in this country that was those were the days okay we got that started out. We got that ironed out. That's Goofy <hes> they were held on the second floor and they they were allowed visitors one of the smuggled into guns to them a single shot pistol in repeating six-year called pepper box. It's always good to have a gun in jail. Yeah I like having those <hes>. It's also well account so if you're certain God's going to protect you right exactly you might as well have that protection in the form of a couple smuggled guns he actually <hes> there's pretty certain accounts also drinking wine in prison <hes> which to you know anyone who's never mo who gives shit but to Mormons. That's a big deal because didn't know did <hes> Martin Harris smuggle it in his ass in prison. What was pretty lax lacks? They were just kind of being held. It was because again remember. The governor was trying to prevent a war right. Oh he didn't want to punish or treat Joseph Smith badly but he definitely had to get Joseph under custody and I've been there. It's kind of a it's really a bit more of a guesthouse house than it is. So Joseph sent on the late on July June twenty-sixth pardon me Joseph did send for the novel Legion to come and rescue him but for reasons forever known that order was not carried out so we don't know why now or to it probably Brigham Young folded up. PUT IT in his pocket exactly I'll get to this in a bit June. twenty-seventh eighteen forty four in the room are Joseph his brother Hiram John Taylor who would go onto the third president of the Church after Brigham Young and a dude named William Richards Willard Richards. Pardon me so in late afternoon a mob of about two hundred men rush the jail. Their faces were painted black with wet gunpowder to obscure their identities. The mob was made up of a hodgepodge of disaffected Mormons wins jilted lovers in various others that Joseph had wronged over the last several years so can I just say if you're going to if you're going to mount a a mob execution smearing your own face with explosives explosive seems like a bad idea. Nobody said they were a good mob. Shitty mob yeah for sure. We're not a very good mob and you know the fact that kind of a tyrannical character will get their comeuppance is really the only reason get out of bed every day. Is they approach. The jail the guards the Carthage Grays fired their guns up in the air so they can later say that they had tried to stop the the mob and then they got out of the way no save you exactly half the mob rushed up the stairs while the other half began firing at the second story windows from outside the forbidden seat goodbye. They didn't work that out. We're going up fucking stairs. Don't exactly didn't they didn't plan this. It's it's it's called the mob for reason so the former inside tried to barricade the door but someone outside shot through the door and hit higher right in the face apparently as he fell back backward he cried out. I am a dead man which is a strange thing to say but indeed he were the holes in your face as as last words go it's damned accurate. He was dead before he hit the floor. Yeah so the mob thought the door open an institution push the barrels of their guns through and fired Taylor Ann Richards tried to beat the barrels down with two hickory canes they had Joseph took out the pepper box in kind of blindly fired it into the hallway three barrels misfired but three shots found targets wounding three of the mob go yeah Joseph then walked over the window apparently to try and jump out a shot from the hallway hit him in the back and as he fill Ford award out the window to more shots from outside. There's some dispute about his last words but my most accounts he said Oh Lord my God however it's unclear if this was just a declaration of desperation of pain or if he was attempting the May sonic distress signal to try and sway some of the mob who were certainly Mason's the masonic distress signal is my Lord my God. Is there no help for the widow son right so I'm guessing he was just I go exactly fuck wasn't in Communist. I want to read one little passage from fun. Brody's book direct quits quick question was was he wearing garments. That's a good question Yeah No. I if we should look that up. Here's a quote directly from fun Brody's book so this is Joseph is he gets. The window quote he looked upon one hundred bayonets gleaming Dolly in the murky light that seep through the heavy storm clouds behind every bayonet there was a hideously painted face and it must've seemed to him as if hell itself vomited up this apparition wow it's really pretty book. That's good right. It is so Joseph fell hard on the ground once they're the mob someone from the mob propped up against the retaining wall and four or five men fired into his chest because he wasn't dead enough yet that's right. He survived the fall in the first few shots lots but this final volley killed him. One man apparently stepped forward with a bowie knife with the intention of beheading him holy smokes but just then the clouds parted bathing the scene in sunlight and the man lost his nerve and that's actually an account. That's corroborated by people in the MOM. Can I just say that when I was when I was a young Mormon boy growing up in the Mormon Church <hes> the story that I was told was that he was shot and he went to fall out of the window and it was shot so many times going out the window that he was shot back in in what I was told really yeah well the there's there's a bunch of youtube videos that over the years the Mormons have made about this incident and they're all the all disagree with each other about whether he fired the gun for a long period of time they didn't they didn't want the narrative to have him shooting The gun right because they wanted to say greet. Oh shot I that's exactly the case right yeah but the gun that he shot is in the Church History Museum here in Salt Lake City so the finally had to Kinda. Give up on that when the pepper box yeah it's in the Church History Museum. Check it out like a library here. It is as walk around town. No it's funny. My Dad used to work in that museum like I grew up in that Museum of time and one time I was back he he was a registrar curator really and <hes> and and I would I walk. I was just sort of backed by his office and I picked up a thing and I was like what's this and he was like oh be careful with that. That is Hiram Smith's death mask Holy Shit. We'll one I had just picked it up nonchalantly. I put it down more gently. Did you put it on run around like a Halloween. It kind of consumes your. I'm the one that didn't make anything of himself. Sorry Mountain Iram Slam deterrent. That's today that Hiram all right so this point the mob had accomplished their task in the scattered Joseph and Hiram lay dead John on Taylor was hit by five musket balls one hitting his pocket watch which saved his life although that last fact is in dispute but he was real tore up like you know getting hit by Musket Ball at close range is not good for you yeah and he suffered from the the injuries the rest of his very long life and Willard Richard yet again in the room somehow got through it with just a scratch on his ear so bom five men were tried for the murder of Joseph Smith in Hiram pretty much they are identified because they had had been shot but we're all acquitted by jury and ultimately no one was ever held accountable for the assassination symbol shit. They were acquitted. Yeah Yeah maybe the Anti Mormon fervor was such. That's absolutely what it was act. The the first jury that was to try them had Mormons on it and they they declared a mistrial convened a secondary with no Mormons on it and that's the jury that that acquitted them so yeah absolutely that's who I know nothing bad happened. Yes it does not true so we'll talk about what happen next in part to cliffhanger but the great irony of all of this of course is that had Joseph lived and had to face crimes the church almost certainly would have collapsed under the weight of that of all of the scandals that were about to be exposed but his martyrdom Adam turned in already devoted religion into fanatical one <hes> so what you're saying is we need to send a mob of Greece painted monkeys into the White House. Wait no no no no panic sound effect to be running down the hallway cody. You know what to do. Kill Dan. It's it's funny because laboratory conservatory. I actually find this this event in his life to be pretty compelling now because it's a very human moment to be terrified for your life conserve scraping with your fingernails.

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