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Is a warning you now no she said transcription is want to go to jail with trump because he I'm sorry not trump Gusman because he's releasing all the transcripts so in the Chicago backdrop Grossman says there's enough on the tapes of him and I talking he's going to flee to Brazil or false arrest me an order citing salmon yes if either one is the hospital that's doctors repair at Trenton site ten eighteen you can hear trump say sometimes you just got a little flight it's got these guys assaulting me on when I'm on the phone is seven thirty PM Saturday November sixteenth eastern time on the key to a five phone they have these guys assaulted me so I can't get this information out once again what trump is obstructing the search we just toured removal and when he says those words I can't wait to get out and get back to land where the criminals artist Paterson New Jersey he says for forty three files he's talking about my Subaru a classic going in Paterson New Jersey on a digital recorder that is in the council six of us spent eight million on the war that's what's coming on up on my tapes he paid Russians are bribe eight million they went in and bypass the search results whenever you're voting held Hurley Clinton some crazy comes up and he broke into files and whatever she she was going to speak before she got there a week before they got there they stole those files in the blast all the people's opinions about her so he's got this guy can last from west to come into my room and when he says once again there's forty three files I spent eight million on the war that's how much he spent to pay off Russia to get into a whole reelection and in his room his answers one of talking was buddy Tim Loesch says mother won't indict a sitting president and there are forty through files he's going to my car into my property in the jail find out where those recordings are there separate from those I have bills to tell tell me that he's going to throw.

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