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Libraries have to be struggling to be. I don't know I mean I guess based on the story I just read it. You would guess but one were. They ever thriving libraries. I mean when you couldn't find things on the Internet you had to go search for them. Yeah libraries weren't capitalistic. Venture right publicly funded and the only way they get money is if you like. Alba late book. I'm not talking about as a business. I'm talking about the idea that all over America libraries have to be cavern. Ously empty up probably but is that a bad thing. I mean there's nothing like a good stroll to a public library They'll car ah eat all of it. It's great microfiche. I mean is he wrong. You want an empty library. Dan and I'll tell you why right now. Thanks for asking. This is why you want an empty library. What's the number one rule of library? No Sh- yep that's the number one rule too many people less less people marsh boy. That's what you wanted. The library Mike and we finally get to finally get to the myles Garrett Mason Rudolph take that no one has heard. Espn tried to prop up that story. That was dead for several days. Mike Tomlin came on. I take we. We melt more. The story was dead it was dead and then we milt some more out of it was done and then we can show the video again and again and again of any more milk in there. Is there any more milking? They're milking. Dan Allegations were made people responded. This is how this works. I know but the Mike Tomlin Several days after the fact appeared on I take it was my doing. We were milking provide the platform. Only blinked twice there in that entire interview Made that up but the underwrite. Yeah here. Here's the take that you're not really hearing anybody admit. I want all this to go away. This is what they're saying behind closed doors at the NFL. Undoubtably to there is no good result here. None of it. There isn't if this thing goes the distance if there's legal I if there is a suing of miles Gary Now. Tomlin is saying that he would consider legal action and Mason. Rudolph is saying makes an Rudolph's people are saying I keep floating out there. He is considering legal action. We said that Mason. Rudolph looks like somebody who would tell you that. His daddy's GonNa sue you but Tom would also said he would want the story to go away and then said he would pursue aggressive legal action. Yeah Michael McCain actually wrote an interesting article as to why Mason Rudolph would probably not actually pursue a legal option. Because if he's the one doing the suing then the burden of proof is on him he actually has to prove that myles. Garrett didn't hear this which is a lot more difficult whereas essentially a tie a loss for Mason Rudolph at that point and all of us. Nobody really knows what happened. But let's follow this to the end of where it is and there's a big lawsuit and we find out maybe something was said wasn't said societally. I'm not gonNA like any of these results. Each side is going to be propped up in an election year. To mean something socially that it's an ugly situation there is no good ending ending here myles. Garrett lied or the I guess the best ending is Moscow. Thought he heard something. That was just a misunderstanding. Maybe something like that but wasn't exactly that but what what what are we. Rooting people are rooting for things here. You WanNa root for Mason Rudolph a white quarterback in the NFL to actually say that word or do you want to root for myles Garrett a black player a former number one overall pick lying about this. I can tell which is worse this awful. I wanted to go away. I just hope it's buried of Mason setted. That's that's worse. We all agree on that. I mean they're both pretty bad. Though in in these particular both of them are bad but when Mike says there is no good that comes from it I would say ratings ratings is a good that comes from and it's why some of that milked of some of that gets milked like obviously it's all ugly and obviously none of it. This is what I've told you before whether we're talking about Hulk Hogan shouting the word the ways that we discuss racism in these venues is spectacularly dumb. We just go to the easiest. Most obvious place of diddy. Call me that name or did he not call me that name? Should he be using that word or not using that word doesn't end with an a? Or an are we go to the dumbest places possible in discussing this stuff as opposed to talking about the stuff that is meaningful racism that means not something shouted possibly by a quarterback in a rage of frustration. Or you know just in. What does that smollet is that? He's now he's being. He's being indicted now in in Chicago. Like all of this stuff is it's just empty-headed nonsense where people can discuss race comfortably when this when it's this stupid yeah it's even racist can get behind the fact that saying the N. Word that sort of cut and dried. That's the tipping point on what we can all but that but that's a place you won't find when something like that happens you will find instantaneously for as much complaining as we've gotten over the years here because I talk race too much instantaneously. Everyone's in on the dumb conversation it when it arrives and it's got a video immediately people like no you're okay to talk race there and it's the dumbest possible way to yes but I don't know how to have this conversation. I can tell you I don't want to have this conversation because there is nothing good here to discuss. It's all ugly. Both outcomes either outcome is ugly either. Have a guy lying about this story. Right or misheard or lying about what he heard. Or You have a quarterback who actually said that to a black. There's no audio your. Es Curious Yeah. I don't get how discuss this. I just want like the Astros. I WanNa talk about the Astros. That's how I want to discuss this story. I want to ask any of the questions associated with this story. It's horrible look. I don't now I make money moves was the take worth the wait or I just don't think we're going to go viral. I was thinking the opposite. When you're going in here guys might be it. I think we got it here. I need to go viral dressed as darth maul and I mean you had the chance of town. You stand with Rob Manfred Mann Dan for act. You can't have a topic. Go Away if you bring it up on the show. That's kind of that's right and he's in for two day in which is my fault not Mike but Mike did say I've got to take no one's got you heard that though. Can I invite publicly? I don't WanNa talk about this. And I invite if I rob on the show. The Commissioner Can. I invite him to a safe haven to a safe place. Can I do that? Would you mind line in your corner? I'm am I is corner. I think that's overstated. What do you mean? Dan has in his corner. I think it's a no win position the best I can say for it. That's it is that in his corner Dunham item. Forget it. I'm not GonNa this is going. I've got to get out of here to get the makeup off. It takes twenty five minutes so that I could get rid of all of the makeup to do highly questionable. So Stu gods we'll send you soaring into the sky to punctuate the show today Donlevatar. Hey Dave Stugatz went up these lebatardshow with two guys ads on ESPN radio today on ESPN daily. Triple.

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