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Good news he's improving let's go to the ju ju hit that is a illegal hit just like going over fifty five miles an hour is at speeding ticket but everybody goes over this is a very solid football hit deem now illegal it's a fine not a suspension the nfl butchered it they suspended him that's a football player in the moment in the play hitting the dirtiest player in the league is he's coming for a tackle the third hit was in the end zone okay let me tell you about the third it in the end zone they suspended a guy for that that's not a suspend 'able hit that is not a suspended 'able hit that is an illegal hit in the nfl teams falling apart trying to jr the football from the best wide receiver and football it should be a fine not a suspension and by the way today they finally overturned at this morning and then there's the wrong kit to show you how little they don't understand the punishment this was easily the most agree just outrageous hit of the weekend when garang kitted defenceless player at a two hundred and seventy pound guy at a horrific angle that is frightening so in review the nfl's good it a lot they don't know what they're doing with suspensions we've seen this in the domestic violence cases it's just not their thing they should use should form and out have a company do it chaisiri her legal terrifying but legal ju ju good football hit small fine end zone that's a football hit fine go ongc got the same as ju ju and until this morning the same as george i loka what i've been watching football forty years that 'grand things as agreed is anything i have ever seen you think i'm a patriot homer i've thrown off two or three games you're going to take him off the field for a month i'm not so sure bella check in garang are gonna last beyond this year i'm dead serious i don't think bronx head is there and i don't think bella checks ever been part of something like that and christine story we'll talk about that in 10 minutes but in this league does a lot right they massive.

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