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In the last few days, even on Capitol Hill, we've been told that the president United States has launched Stormtroopers Age Bar has secret police. It's all fake news. We're going to go to the man who knows the man who is charged with being the deputy commissioner for the Customs and Border Protection Service. He is none other than Robert Perez. Welcome back to America first. Thank you for having me, Dr. Gorka. Great to be back with you. So let's just start from the beginning. Okay? Why? Why did the Department of Homeland Security Marshall's Federal Protection Service and others? Why did you have to be sent by the president to a city like Portland? What? What was the objective of that deployment? Well, I appreciate the question Dr Boca and the opportunity to clarify that so in and around till the weekend of July 4th after what has already been well over a month. Of criminal activity in the city and rioting if you will, uh, the federal Protective service that is charged Anay ginseng, by the way within the Department of Homeland Security, Federal law Enforcement Agency charged with protecting federal properties. Had some information intelligence that they shared throughout the department that the courthouse they're in Portland, but was going to more than likely be attacked, and they made a request specifically for additional Federal agency help to which not unlike we've done in the past, whether it be for all sorts of other law enforcement and or types of of national security events or natural disasters. Hurricane Super Bowls Ignore operations, you name it. We and customs and border protection. Uh, customs and border protection. Pardon me, answered the call and sent some of our own agents and officers to augment the already there. The president's Federal Protective Service officers in being prepared in case some sort of criminal activity where to occur. So you have you had a concrete intelligence. Of a potential attack on that courthouse. And so you took the duty bound action to send people to help reinforce that facility exactly alongside the FDs officers and the US marshals who are also always there. Dr Gorka protecting the judges. And the employees in there. And so if not, but for the criminal attacks on the courthouse, the intense not only to deface the courthouse but to destroy the courthouse and then the subsequent attacks on our employees. Candidly. Nobody probably would have even know we had known We were there because we were inside that courthouse obviously fast forward to what's been going on the last three day, three weeks, rather or more better part of three weeks. Since we arrived. Originally, it's been just a slew of criminal activity again. Very overt, purposeful attempts to destroy the courthouse. To harm federal agents and officers who are in the front line they're trying to and and successfully, I might add to date protect that courthouse from being burned to the ground. Um And that is why we've been there now. And what is your response to those who would have Americans believe that the violence was a result? Ofyour deployment and didn't occur before you arrived. Well again, I think it's well documented. Dr Gorka have anybody really goes out of their way to inform themselves accurately the violence in the streets of Portland? Has had been going on for the better part of Maura than 60 nights again. We arrived on the weekend of July 4th specifically because of the information regarding the courthouse being attacked after what again was already a month worth of riding in in in and around Portland. The one of the point I wanted to share with you, Dr Gorka because again, I think this gets lost. In the translation is that the Department of Homeland Security has not only the legal authority but a knob ligation and absolute obligation to protect that facility and protect those Federal properties, So so so really was not. There's no choice here. We had to do this job. We're grateful not unlike we are whenever it is. Would the call comes to us to have the opportunity to stand alongside our federal law enforcement brethren, our colleagues in the federal law enforcement and even state and locals? When, when, when they're alongside us, because that's the way it should work. That's the way law enforcement is meant to work on DH again Encouraged by what it is we've seen develop in the last day or so. So can you tell us at what cost? You have deployed. What kind of injuries? What kind of treatment your colleagues have suffered at the hands of these violent protesters. Well, I appreciate it, Dr Gorka First I can't say enough about our frontline men and women who have been out there. Our Border Patrol tactical units are special response response team members. They've been exceptional in the work that they've done every night. Uh, frankly, they've shown tremendous restraint, given the amount of ah, of really very, very dangerous. Attacks and the barrage of attacks that they've well, T tell us what kinds of things are being used against your your colleagues. What will end in tow? And to answer your first question? Over 245 injuries have been sustained by the law enforcement professionals. Rocks, frozen water bottles, canned goods, hammers ball bearings through with truth thrown via sling shots. Commercial grade fireworks, lasers, very dangerous lasers pointed at the eyes. Of the agents and officers, and unfortunately we've had some pretty serious injuries with those lasers, and there may be some of our own who maybe may have sustained some permanent eye damage. This has been really, really serious stuff, Dr Gorka again. I can't say enough about our agents and officers and everything that they've done, but it's been very, very dangerous, Grateful that they've made it through up until this point. He's deputy commissioner for Customs and Border Protection unique and follow his organization at C B P. He's Robert Perez. In the last few seconds we have with you. How is the morale of those brave men and women who are taking back those federal buildings and protecting federal employees? Outstanding, Dr. Gorka, you know, we really go out of our way to make sure That we refresh replenish. Take good care of our own, especially when they're in this type of a situation for a sustained period of time. But these are amongst the very best. Most highly trained individuals we have in the agency really can't say enough about how exceptional the service that they've performed while they've been important. Alright, well, everybody listening on millions of listeners and viewers, Please say a prayer tonight for these men and women who are doing Their duty simply protecting their fellow Americans on the buildings that we paid for. Please send them our best. You are in our prayers. It is the choice between anarchy and Lauren.

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