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The major sports. We have lost a good percentage probably around like you know, 50% area. It's estimated college football is a $7 billion industry. CBS reporter Jim Crow, Shula says sports bars in college towns where football is not play this year may not survive. If Georgia holds its first full contact football practice today, Kirby Smart key to the season is pretty simple, mentally, be ableto handle, change and fast change. Players like safety original accounts say they're ready. We're taking every precaution and for that, we need stay safe. Keep out of season Glory account leads a low to defense. But if you know what to expect on the other side of the ball without spring practice that's really hard to sit here and say what it's gonna look like you be. Jamie Newman was limited with a foot injury and walk throughs. But Smart says he's fine J T. Daniel's, though, has not been cleared with a bad knee. The schedules. Also out today, with all 10 games right here on the home of the dog's J Black 95.5 WSB WSB news time, 605 So J black there won't be some cupcake warmup game for the Bulldogs and September 26th. I'm thinking, you know, we are rolling into 10 SEC games all in a row with a couple of days and that's it. We don't know what or the game's going to be yet. We do know the team's that'll play, so when I'll be interested to watches Where the Alabama game is slaughter That was supposed to be the SEC opener for the dogs. And I will wait to find out first game comes out at three o'clock today that the rest of schedule we released at seven. We'll have it right here. Thanks. J Check back for coverage on Landis. Evening News at 4 p.m. Today it's 506 Excuse me. It is 605 days We have a weather and traffic for the morning drive. Challenge you actually use meteorologist credits for Kirk Mellish this morning. A warm start to a hot day will top out of 89 degrees and mostly sunny sky. Pick up a few clouds this afternoon, but only a 20% chance of an isolated storm ray Chance stays low on Tuesday, 30% chance of isolated afternoon storms Low 68 high 89 but rain likely by Wednesday. Showers and storms 70% likely. 0 67 high 87 I'm Channel two action news meteorologist Brad Nets 95.5 WSB 74 degrees Now let's update the morning drive us.

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