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All right we got mad sarah miller any on the defense i thought lugo uh about me wing jeff triplett the guy with an accident there the first raft after call the n word being said so bad i was like two years ago the n word was a personal fowdie care greg's anymore no way and away jeff triplett out there be like all right we got a penalty on the offense number eighty he said it you know a he's an accident word now i can't say right now because the whole thing with new on this day he said that word you know i know is probably my insisted started his word in negative fashion so it's kind of a weird thing to be doing this but he said it he said it right dear to my face he called me a stupid stripe in i almost said it right there did not hamas that another fifteen yard penalty number eighty oneoff i wanted it so that no ref called it no no ref called it sure which is a good idea yeah anything else gone on the sports world sports world yeah um there's a fight this weekend between ah conor mcgregor nfl in may whether we watch netflix we din lost some money guys for less money a loss movie barely watch stephanie yes fucking app crashed ufc app or shit and showtime app crashed yes you dig in a refund for that should know they announced they were not and refund liska you're only refund is escaping his death trap with your and eta shout out uh yeah no refund no refund but we got to see the fight bigger finally show well showtime did ufc never get it right.

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